A Quick Hello!

Hi. David here, aka Vidpui. Just a quick post to introduce myself, and to give you some hints about what I’ll be posting about in the next few months.

You may know me from Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc. I’ll give you a few seconds to go and google Vidpui. You’ll soon see lots and lots of pictures.

…you back yet? Good.

I’d consider myself a painter, and not a gamer. Never played a game, probably never will… But that means I do get to paint what I like and not have to worry about making an army out of them. So my posts are going to mainly concentrate on what I painted and how I painted it. Perhaps some of you guys will find it useful.

As you can probably tell, I tend to flitter from project to project. Last year it’s was Deathwing, Chaos Cultists, Dwarves, Empire, Necrons, Bloodbowl items, Chaos dwarves and other random stuff.

 photo Untitled-1_zps5e18f386.jpg

Currently the next couple of months will feature a Sisters of Battle Patrol, maybe some Woodelves, and more Chaos Dwarves painted on commission. My own projects, when I have time, are my 1/6th Space Wolf, OOP Dwarves, Sigma Temple Guard theme patrol, World Eater Space Marines, and other half-finished projects.

 photo 2_zps20c0200e.jpg

Plenty of things to keep me interested and hopefully you guys too!



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  1. Raakh says:

    I love those Chaos dwarves, definitely a future project!

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