Alternative Hell Pit Abomination

I made this guy just after GW released they’re Hell Pit model, I just didn’t like the GW one.

The model itself is a Rat Ogre and a shed load of Greenstuff. At the time I was really pleased with how he came out and looking back at him about 18 months later I’m still happy with the sculpt.

I particularly like the rat from the Plague Monk sprue who’s whispering directions into his ear. It’s no wonder it’s random movement!

My Greenstuff skills have improved a lot since then and I’m sure if I ever decided I wanted another Hell Pit I could come up with something much more impressive but I think this goes to show how easy it is to put together a big monster model of your own if you don’t like the other options.

So do any of you guys have any ace scratch built models that you’re proud of? If you do link them in the comments and I’ll take a look.

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