An Army in 8 Days, Speed Painting Dwarfs

About this time last year I sat down and painted my Warriors of Chaos in preparation for AGOM. I painted them quickly but I painted them well and all told I’ve got about 2400 points painted.

At christmas I sat down to write a blog post looking back at everything I’d done hobby wise last year and I realised I hadn’t actually done much at all. Since the Warriors I had a few models and a few units to show for a good 9 months of hobby time.

So something had to change. It was time to start a new army. Almost as soon as I decided this the rumours for the new warriors book came out so everything got put on hold whilst I waited for the new book and then got used to the army. But AGOM’s over for another 6 months so it was time to get back on with a new army.

My plan was to speed paint up another army so I started to look at choices. I knew I’d want something relatively elite that fit in with my painting style but what?

I’ve toyed around with Lizardmen but the basing scheme I’ve chosen is complex and realistically doesn’t lend it self to my painting style. I looked at another Warriors army, or maybe Daemons then briefly toyed with Chaos Dwarfs. Then one day I remembered that I had a set and a bit of the Battle for Skull Pass Dwarfs in my loft. So one Monday night after work I dug them out and assembled them all. This is what I’d got.

You can see the rather large unit filler but I think it works as an army and that’s 1500 points on the nose ready to go. Next up was basing them all.

I use Vallejo pumice for my basing. I find its less messy than PVA and sand and you can sculpt texture into it. So I left them overnight to dry then the next day I undercoated them all.

For this I’ve used Plastikote Pewter spray. I really rate this stuff if you’re painting anything with armour. So after that had dried it was time to get painting.

At this point I hadn’t decided on my colour scheme. I knew I wanted to paint the cloth red as it was a colour I hadn’t used on an army before. Other than that I sat down with the cannon crew and started painting. I chose the colours as I went and came up with this.

And this is where the magic happens. For this project I decided to use some Army Painter Dark Tone ink brought from my local hobby supplier (check him out in the link). I’d not used this stuff before but it turns out its Devlan Mud on crack. It took the models from what you see above to this.

So now it was a case of sitting down and painting. Anyone who follows me on twitter will have seen I aimed for five models a night.  I added highlights to certain key areas, the skin, the horns and the Miners candles but other than that everything is base coated and washed. After a week I had this little lot painted and based.

Then it was a case of finishing the unit filler and a few extra models and in eight days I had a full 1500 point army.

Now I’m not going to claim it’ll win any best painted awards but thats a full cohesive army painted in just over a week. So how did I manage it. Well I think there are a few key points that makes the army look so good for so little effort:

– More than three colours. It’s tempting when speed painting to go with minimum colours but unless you’re painting Daemons this will always look odd. Real life isn’t 3 colours.

– Important highlights. The eye is always drawn to the face so this area is where I’ve highlighted.

– Uniform colours by keeping the same colours for all units and characters the army achieves overall cohesion.

– Light basing. The Dark tone creates very dark models by adding a light base, here with the grass you allow the models to stand out.

So have I inspired anyone to get painting?

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  1. Frank says:

    Good post. Lots of people struggle with painting, let alone painting fast. I have a tonne of models to paint, so attacking it in chunks like this is probably the best way for me to make solid progress.

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