Andy’s Hobby Wobble all the way to Lustria!

Good afternoon guys.

I’ll be honest, I’m in a bit of a rut with the hobby at the moment, I’ve been looking at different gaming systems, and new sets of fluff to try get me going with the hobby going again. One issue is I am currently moving in to a new place with my better half so the only thing getting painted in the next month or so will be walls/doors etc.

There are some good things about now having my own place, I will finally be able to build my own table and scenery so that will be planned for the near future.

Recently I have literally sold all my old 40k and fantasy armies, mostly to make room and to fund the £82.00 a roll wallpaper the “boss” wants, but I intend to get a 1500pt Fantasy army finished by AGOM February 2015 and I have also been tempted to start a 30k Space Marine Legion (yes space marines).

So in the coming months you will be getting some updates on these two projects. The Lizardmen will be the main aim, I intend to build a list that no-one will expect, but more information on that in the future. I will try to get at least one mini post on here a week with updates and maybe a monthly big update, but we shall see how life treats me in order to do that.

I also intend in the near future, once I get my computer all set is up is to do a series of video logs for the armies. So that is something for you to look forward to ;).

Thanks for reading.

Andy – @Praetoriian

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