Andy’s Journey “Through the Breach” – Malifaux

Good morning Guys.

I have something a little different for you this blog post….. Malifaux.

I don’t know if this has been done on T4G but I have been asked to produce some Malifaux content for you, some things you may not know about, but if you want to learn more about this game then please let me know.

Right I will be honest I am completely new to Malifaux, I only bought my first Malifaux box set and rulebook at the end of February and to help me get to finish my first faction and learn to play I decided to jump in the deep and sign myself up to an event. I signed up to a charity event called Heartfaux held in York on the 10th of May, that gave me around 2 months to learn this new game and get everything done in time for it.

The thing that got me in to Malifaux was some artwork I saw on the internet, the Guild Riflemen, this is still some of my favorite Malifaux artwork, I do think it’s the hats and the long coats. That’s when I picked up my first crew box set, Lady Justice and her Death Marshals. In the two months between starting this game and the event in May I actually picked up three different Guild crews as well as some other Guild bits and got everything painted for the event.

Here is my finished Guild Faction at the event:

 photo image_zpse200c1e7.jpg

Before the event I had only played 5 games so I more or less doubled my experience during the one day event with four games. Though it didn’t go very well as I did pick up last place, I did manage to pick up best painted, which was really surprising. I really enjoyed this event, the atmosphere is completely different to a Warhammer event, and the prize support was superb, honestly I feel there is just “more love” in these smaller events. Here is my haul, and me getting my arse kicked by a veteran Malifaux player:

 photo image_zps0c7e542b.jpg

 photo image_zpsd203f993.jpg

With this game being a small skirmish game I decided to make my own portable gaming board, so here are my amazing joinery skills for my own 4’x3′ folding board, I intend to make/buy some themed terrain but that is a future project:

 photo image_zps515b87e4.jpg

 photo image_zps03db1ba2.jpg

That was my initial journey “Through the Breach” but there is so much more to Malifaux and within a week of the event I decided to start a new crew, and this blog will follow me on my progress with crew. I decided to start the Arcanists, they are a faction in Malifaux of “fragile” spell casters, backed by lots of mechanical constructs. Magical attacks, whether in melee or at range, is a common sight in these crews with a wide variety of ‘elemental’ spells (fire, ice, electricity) for dealing death at range. The huge variety of constructs at their disposal tends to provide them with both their resilience and their source of melee damage. Beasts are also commonly found in this faction, though they tend to be ‘glass cannons’ – high speed and damage with low resilience. The steam punk side of this faction really appeals to me so I decided to pick up the Master – Ramos. Viktor Ramos is the leader of the Miners and Steamfitters Union in Malifaux, but is also secretly the leader among a group of rogue magic users. He and his followers are constantly doing what they can to wrest control of Malifaux away from the corrupt Guild and hand it back to those who should really be in charge: the people. Ramos uses the cover of the M&SU to do his work in the shadows, with the publicity of being the M&SU leader giving him some much needed protection, as the Guild would not dare to eliminate him and incite a riot.

Here is my initial crew, I may add more in the future, but for now it’s time to get painting:

 photo image_zps7fc03b46.jpg

I think some of the things I have mentioned may have been a little vague, so if you do have any questions about the world of Malifaux etc, then please don’t hesitate to ask.

Thanks for reading guys.

Andy – I’m also always up for a game so if you would like to arrange one then let me know or contact me on twitter: @Praetoriian.

P.s. My progress log on the Wyrd forums, if any if you are interested:

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