Andy’s “Roman” Tomb King Army – Final Part…

The 13th Legion has been found…
A Roman “Tomb King” Army
Part 6:

Good morning guys, how are we all, I still think I’m recovering from the AGOMXII weekend.

Well it happened, I went to my first ever event in Stockport and well I had a great time, never had a dull moment, and laughed nearly all the way through.

I know some people would like me to do a detailed report on each battle I had, but unlucky I didn’t take enough notes. However I will discuss the experience and to be honest that is why I went, I knew I wouldn’t do well, but I had fun so that’s all that matters to me.

Right, I arrived at my hotel across the road from NWGC on Friday evening, not knowing what was going on or where to go. I found my self at the gaming centre at around 4pm where I found some of the T4G and Leeds Night Owls guys. After spending some monies and Element Games, I went for food with with a few of the guys which was a laugh, and then I had my first ever experience at playing Cards Against Humanity… I don’t think I stopped laughing the whole way through. Beer was drank, and trays of meat were eaten, then it was time to sleep.

Setting up for the first game.
 photo Rome8_zps412616a0.jpg

I turned up on the chilly morning not knowing what to expect from the tournament scene, and after 3 “hard” fought games, I had taken my models off three games in a row, great start with 3 losses on the first day. Even though I lost all three games I enjoyed each and every one and played some great looking armies. During my third game I made a stupid mistake that lost me the game, but hey you learn from your mistakes? My favorite part of the weekend was probably the Saturday night, I was invited by the Leeds Night Owls guys to go out for food and beer with them, we went to a rather nice Italian restaurant, where 6 of the 12 of us ended taking on the “Man V Food” challenge, I stuck with the sensible choice of risotto ;).

It was time to turn things around this day, the first game of the day I played on the bottom table for the second time. I played John (Unstable Dice Podcast) who came all the way from Chicago to come play at this tournament, this was actually my favorite game of the weekend and he received my best sports vote, he even gave me a Twinkie :). I actually won this game, though I do not know how I literally had two models left on the table at the end. I ended up scraping another win against a coll looking High Elf army in my fifth game, which then set me up for a great finale on my final game. There were 3 TK players competing for best in race and the other 2 were playing each other and had equal points, all I needed where those two to draw and me somehow win to leap frog them both. They both drew. I actually came up against Jon K and his wood elves this round, a really enjoyable game, even though Jon took all my toys off he board, apart from my unit of 30 archers, which actually stole a draw for for me.

My army set up for voting.
 photo Rome5_zps14c7c619.jpg

So the weekend wasn’t all that bad, I didn’t finish last. I lost 3, drew 1 and won 2 (54th) Overall, I was pretty happy with that. I also had an army nomination that I was really happy with, there was a lot of really nice armies there and the winner of the best army had a really nice Lizardmen army. I was told that I came a close second which surprised me even more as the army was not the best painted there, but I think the theme helped so much. I also got an award for best war machine for my Casket of Souls which was pretty happy with, finally I also received 5 best opponent votes which I think I am most proud of, though I think I got them because people felt sorry for taking my toys off!

The best army nominees.
 photo Rome7_zpse6dd8418.jpg

I had a great time, and met some awesome people, which I hope we can meet up again in the future. I will be going to AGOM again next year I hope, it was perfect for my first tournament, the players were all laid back and un-comped is how Warhammer should be played. I won’t get in to the politics of Warhammer, but If your wanting to get in to the competitive scene, meet great people and want an awesome weekend then get yourself signed up for AGOM.

My haul of awards ;).
 photo ca607559-5e0a-420e-bc41-099056f760f3_zpsd7da0131.jpg

I think that will be it now for the RTK, as I have my eyes set on new projects.
If you would like more pictures or information on my army please don’t hesitate to ask.

The Future…
I have some posts planned in the very near future, one will be for basing, as I keep getting asked how I do it, etc, so you have that to look forward to. Also I am wanting to improve my painting skills so you may see some updates of individual models I have painted. Finally you will see a new army project log come very soon, I am just finalising the army then I will make a start. I have also just started Malifaux, if you would like to see any of my progress on this here then let me know.

Thanks for reading and your continuous support…

Andy – @Praetoriian
“Let us Begin”

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