Andy’s “Roman” Tomb King Army – Part 1

The 13th Legion has been found…
A Roman “Tomb King” Army – Part 1:

Hey guys how the devil are you all?

After the success of my first post ;), I thought I’d share my progress on the new army I have started, I aim to more or less finish in time for the AGOM event in February. The issue I have with collecting a new army is that I cannot just build a model straight out of the box without giving it some theme or converting it in some way, so one Sunday in July I had a random spur of inspiration and some spare bits to make a few test models:

What I came up with over the day is on twitter and after some interest I decided that a Roman Themed Tomb King army was the next project for me. I have made a couple orders of miniatures and started working out some “nooby” 1500 point lists. All I really want to show you today is where I’m up to so far with what I have built seen as no painting has commenced, just yet:

 photo archhorseq1_zpse0c91f47.jpg

I have a lot of ideas for most of the units I want in the army but some cases I am struggling with at the moment. I think that I have a great idea for my Necropolis Knights, but more on that with another post. If you do want me to focus on one thing in the force so far just let me know, as I think some people may want to see some progress of the Tomb Prince?

 photo archhorseq2_zps013d2939.jpg

I also have the first list that I came up with for AGOM, so once I have everything built I will need to get some test games in so I have chance to tweek things before it comes up. Please note I am a noob, I’ve not made it to be competitive, but be honest and let me know what you think:

1500 AGOM Romans (Tomb Kings) 1,497 points

Tomb Prince, Great Weapon: (104)
Liche Priest, Talisman Of Endurance; Level 2 Wizard; Lore of Nehekhara: (140)
Liche Priest, Dispel Scroll; Level 2 Wizard; Lore of Death: (130)

30 Skeleton Archers, Full Command: (210)
5 Skeleton Horsemen: (60)
5 Skeleton Horsemen: (60)
10 Skeleton Archers: (60)

28 Tomb Guard, Full Command: (338)
4 Necropolis Knights: (260)

Casket of Souls: (135)

Thanks for reading, I aim to get an update up for this army bi-weekly, hopefully. Please let me know what you think and any advice is more than welcome.

Andy – @Praetoriian
“Let us Begin”

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3 Responses to Andy’s “Roman” Tomb King Army – Part 1

  1. spungemurphy says:

    Great idea Andy hopefully there will be more about it in the next podcast.

  2. Alrack says:

    Ho, very gret ! Where did you find all the head/shield/roman bitz ? ^^

  3. Eolthir says:

    Conversion really cool.
    Where from the head? And the Shields? I Wolf l’île start a VC roman légion. Thanks

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