Andy’s “Roman” Tomb King Army – Part 2

The 13th Legion has been found…
A Roman “Tomb King” Army – Part 2:

Good day people, I’m back with another blog post.

I will be honest there hasn’t really been much progress with the army painting wise (none at all). But I have had some chance to get some Green stuff done on the units and my tomb prince but both are far from finished. The main reason I am doing this post is to show you what I have planned for my Necropolis Knights. I aim to field these in a unit of four, but the models available from GW just do not suit my Roman theme…

 photo Rome1_zps673adb9c.jpg

When I went to Rome earlier this year, (coincidentally) I aimed to take as many pictures as possible for inspiration and for ideas I NEED for some of the units I plan on having in my army. The first picture is what I would like to base my NK on. I’ve also made some chariot size bases ready for when my unit is finished, you may see a slight wooded theme as the army will be based to show them in autumnal forest area, which my “fluff” will explain in the future.

 photo rome2_zps5787440e.jpg

After getting hold of the main parts I needed for conversions, I made a start, a very weak start, but here are some images of what I have done so far, I think this unit will take a while to complete, but once they are done they will look epic (I think), a sort of centre piece for my force. I will update with a post to show more progress on this unit within the next week or so.

Thanks again for reading, please let me know what you think and any advice/criticism is more than welcome.

Andy – @Praetoriian

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