Andy’s “Roman” Tomb King Army – Part 3

The 13th Legion has been found…
A Roman “Tomb King” Army
Part 3:

Wow it has been a long time since my last post, and to be honest not much hobby has been done. I have been a little productive finishing things off and getting everything finalised but still a long way to go. So the main thing is that I have bought and built my whole army now, the only thing that needs finishing is the green stuff work on my Necropolis Knights. As for things to show you this time is a very work in progress picture of my NK, and my finished Casket of Souls. I am really pleased with both pieces though there is still a lot of work to do on the NK. The only thing is I would have liked to do a bit more work by adding other “Roman” things to the casket, but at least I got the chance to use Lorrenzo Lupo, I have been planning on using the model since the start. Any way here are the pictures:

 photo wiproman_zps9e52307c.jpg

And well the main thing of this post was that I actually had chance to have a 1500pts practice game with my army for the first time on Thursday 12th December at my local GW with a friend. I really enjoyed using the army and look forward to my next game. As for the list I used, I don’t think much needs changing just yet, as It worked rather well for my first game. I have actually done a battle report for you to read/look at. Let me know what you think, I’d like to do more of these in the future:

So the game was against my friend John at the local GW in Wakefield this Thursday, 1500pts, pitched battle, on a 4’ x 4’ table, fight to the death, I wasn’t very confident as I have never used my army and well John has been using his High Elves for about 5 years! Let us begin…

So John’s list I don’t remember exactly but he had a block of Seaguard with full command led by a noble with a battle standard, block of archers with a noble with a magic bow, a block of Sword Masters with full command led by a level 4 Archmage on the lore of High Magic and a single Bolt Thrower. I will try get hold of the list, if you are interested.

I had a naked Tomb Prince with GW, 2 level 2 Liche Priests, 1 Nekhara with 4+ ward, 1 death with scroll. 2x 5 Skeleton Horsemen, 30 Skeleton Archers with full command, 10 archers, 28 Tomb Guard with full command, 4 Necropolis Knights and a Casket of Souls.

And we deployed as follows:
 photo deployment_zpsc9f72895.jpg

John got turn one and decided to play very defensive seen as it would take me a long time to get to him with a 4” movement. Both my horsemen units advanced with vanguard and on turn one John used a magic missile which took one unit of the game, the rest of his shooting was out of range but a single shot from the BT at the COS, just missed. My turn I made a steady advance up the table, the only good thing was my 30 archers moved in to the woods, “when magic is cast on them, D6 hits and trees move 2D6 in a random direction”. Though I did get smiting on them and unleashed 40 shots in to the sea guard in my shooting phase kill a quarter of the unit but they held.
 photo turn1_zps4977219d.jpg

The Seaguard and White Lions maneuvered slightly forward more to get in range with spells and shooting not to move away from his battle line. His archers and bolt throwers with the help of a boosted BS from his Archmages spell picked on the second unit of horsemen taking them out of the game. The seaguard then shot at my 30 archers, but only taking down four. Again I moved up the table, the archers again in the woods, whilst I moved the NK up the right flank to the edge of the woods to try a sneaky charge on the SM next turn. Again i was able to cast smiting but this time bubbled and again do a few wounds to the Seaguard but only the 2 to the SM.
 photo turn2_zpsff3e816f.jpg

John didn’t move again this turn, instead holing back and firing a magic missile towards my TG taking one off, and then picked on the archers with his own shooting from his own archers and seaguard, doing a substantial amount of wounds. The BT tried a six shot against the NK but failed to get through the armour of the constructs. Then it began, my 4 Necro Knights passed a 17″ charge in to the SM through the woods and my Heirophant actually Miscast the Bubble Smiting spell getting it off but losing the spell for the rest of the game. I was then able to get the SG down to less than half strength with a total of 60 shots. In combat the NK proved their worth only taking 4 wounds but dealing out 9 in return, winning combat. John needed a LD test of 4 to stay, and they did, time to get flanked.
 photo turn3_zps9a616b65.jpg

The SG charged straight in the side of the NK joined with the help of the Noble BS. The magic phase was none existent due to a low roll on the winds and me pulling out a dispel scroll to stop a hex spell on the NK. The archers and the BT then fired upon the last of the SA taking them out of the game. With the combat both the unit of SG and the SM failed their fear test on a re-roll-able 9, John’s luck had run out. The elves didn’t do enough damage and a NK stood proud on two wounds holding the elves in place. The TG charged straight in to the flank of the SG while the smaller unit of archers maneuvered to get a shot on the Elven Archers. With the momentum of the charge and the toughness of the NK the elves struggled in combat losing significantly, they fled and were run down by the remaining NK and TG. Though the TP was killed in a challenge against the Elven Noble, who then also fell from the “curse”.
 photo turn4_zps56605655.jpg

Defeat was inevetable for the remaining elves, panicking they held their ground and unleashed a hail of arrows and bolts in to the TG, but only taking out 2. The TG charged in to the Archers while the Death Liche Priest cast Doom and Darkness upon the BT for the upcoming combat. The elves struck as best they could but the TG brushed off the wounds. with a flurry of blows the TG killed many elves and even managed to sneak a KB attack on the remaining noble, panicking the unit, they fled from the combat and off the board. The bolt thrower crew were panicked by this and hid under their warmachine hoping to live another day.
 photo turn5_zps5589c334.jpg

Somehow at the end of the game, the Tomb Kings had tabled the High Elves, honestly I was very lucky at some key points in the game and it helped a lot. The casket sat in the corner of the bard trying to cast but never succeeded, but those extra D3 power dice a turn was excellent. Result: Masacre :)
 photo endofgamee_zps66b40fa5.jpg

So that was the report, It was the first time doing anything like that, it’s actually the first time I’ve ever taken notes within a Warhammer game, I enjoyed making it and like I said before I am going to try do more of these, and maybe even with actual pictures if I remember. If you would like to see my actual list just contact me on Twitter and I’ll let you have a look.

Thanks again for reading, please let me know what you think and any advice/criticism is more than welcome.

Andy – @Praetoriian
“Let us Begin”

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