Andy’s “Roman” Tomb King Army – Part 4

The 13th Legion has been found…
A Roman “Tomb King” Army
Part 4:

“Salve servi, quid rerum geritis?”

There has been substantial progress on the army; you may have seen this if you follow me on twitter?

The reason for this progress, I realised a few weeks ago that I will be heading up to Stockport on the 21st of February to take part in the event AGOM, I hadn’t even started to paint anything, and to be honest I still have quite a lot of green stuff work to do on my Necro Knights too, panic stations commenced.

Anyway I think I have now made a decent start on the army with just around a month to go. I feel that the army as a whole will look great once finished with the choice of colour scheme and the theme of the basing but individually the single skeleton will be nothing special. In a way I’m quite disappointed with this, as I would have liked to put more effort in to it. Maybe once I get smashed at the tournament I can go back to some parts of the army and rework them, especially the characters. (Apologies for the stupidly dark images).

So here are some images on the progress with the army; first up the heroes of the 13th Legion, and the WIP of the NK:

 photo 62707e5f-6e36-4353-b186-62f444417d63_zpsc5baf7fe.jpg

Next are other units I have completed; the mighty Tomb Guard and a small unit of 10 archers.

 photo 16386dfa-6f81-4e3f-8e2e-c764c75f5d0d_zps2525b5b7.jpg

Finally are the 5 horsemen and my Casket of Souls, and what I’m currently painting, the big block of archers.

 photo 1b520c7c-1812-4eed-ac6f-ccdec53b1b07_zpsec4e2b8b.jpg

Once the archers are done all I have left to do in the army is the second unit of horsemen and then I get to start on the main part of the army the Necro Knights, there is still some GS work to do on these but I am really looking forward to painting these guys.

I am actually getting rather excited now, the army is so close to been finished now and the AGOM event is getting closer and closer. I haven’t finished painting an army in a good few years and once this is done, though not painted to the best of my ability (I can paint well….sometimes) it will be a project I will actually be proud of.

Thank for reading, I don’t think you guys actually realise how excited I am to go to my first ever Warhammer event (GEEK)? I am going to get more involved in the hobby, meet new people and mostly have fun. I will be heading to Stockport on the Friday so I have plenty of time to prepare myself for the massacre ahead of me and maybe go for a beer or two. I will definitely get one more post about the army before I go to AGOM, so you can see some finished pictures of the army…

Andy – @Praetoriian
“Let us Begin”

Also a little teaser of what my next project “may” be…

 photo 20a26842-8949-4ff2-b934-f56d5ce71fb4_zpsf18c4957.jpg

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