Andy’s “Roman” Tomb King Army – Part 5

The 13th Legion has been found…
A Roman “Tomb King” Army
Part 5:

“Salve servi, quid rerum geritis?”

Wow, well hello people.
I’m there, it’s done, the army is now complete and ready to get taken off at #AGOMXII.

This will be my final post before AGOM next weekend but will not be the last. I plan on doing a post once I have been to the event to give my review on my games, and experiences at my very first event.

Ok on to this post, I just want to show you the images of the finished models as well as a full army shot at the end, so here goes, less talking more pictures:

Firstly is the unit of Tomb Guard, they are joined by a “Liche Priest” and a “Tomb Prince”.

 photo IMG_1327_zps4314cf92.jpg

Next is my “big” unit of archers.

 photo IMG_1324_zps2b392f0e.jpg

The awesome casket of souls.

 photo IMG_1325_zps13f814df.jpg

The small unit of archers accompanied by another “Liche Priest”.

 photo IMG_1326_zpsf459e541.jpg

My 2 units of Skeleton Horsemen, just because no one uses them ;).

 photo IMG_1328_zps7b4d0901.jpg

 photo IMG_1329_zps20a1818f.jpg

Then my favourite unit in the army, the “Necropolis Knights”.

 photo IMG_1330_zpsefc1a915.jpg

Lastly here is the army shot:

 photo eb535744-fcd2-4535-a84f-3afad61f91f9_zps3d49fabe.jpg

There they are. Honestly I am really proud of myself for finishing this army though I am slightly annoyed, because I feel that I have rushed them as I know for a fact that I can paint a lot better. So for my next project I will be putting more effort in to the painting of the army. (Project Log coming soon!)

I’m getting really excited now, only 5 days to go, and cannot wait. I will be going to Stockport on Friday the 21st and hope to be there for around 3/4pm, so if your a loser like me and will be there early let me know, let’s go for a beer, chat, maybe have a game, etc. See you there.

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to ask.

Andy – @Praetoriian
“Let us Begin”

(From the shadows we strike – project log coming soon)

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  1. Wow what a lovely army, love your conversions, looking forward to competing against you for best in race :), also I’m a member of the north west warriors ( who run AGOM ) and I know you will love agom next week, Adam,Steve and Towney do a brilliant job, I’ve been to a few tourneys and I still think agoms are the best. You couldn’t have picked a better environment to start your tourney experiences. Good luck with both best in race and best painted.


    Ps Xbox tag: thedollyblue

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