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A Venture into Heresy

I’m old enough to remember when the Horus Heresy was just a glimmer in Rick Priestly’s eye. Back then Leman Russ was listed as a hero of the Imperium and the primarchs had yet to be invented. But from those … Continue reading

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Genesis of an Army: Neil’s Slaanesh Warriors

It was a month after the Warriors of Chaos book came out that this army started to take shape in my mind. It was the fifth game at AGOM and I was flying high on the top tables with my … Continue reading

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Painting to Improve

It’s Neil here again. In my last post I talked about the concept of painting to improve and started to look at my painting over the years. Now I’m going to continue my look back at painting with the year … Continue reading

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March of the Slayers

I like to think that I’m more of a hobby gamer than a tournament gamer. Yes I enjoy building a tournament list and trying to do well with it but I’d rather be working towards a fluffy hobby target than … Continue reading

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Episode 16: Dark Elf Armybook Review and Initial Impressions

So last Saturday five of us sat round in Daz’s gaming room/ basement/ dungeon and recorded a armybook review for the new Dark Elves. We hope you enjoy it and as always would love to here your feedback. Episode 16: … Continue reading

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Episode 14: Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Welcome to another episode of Tale of Four Geeks. The title doesn’t refer to the episodes content but rather the sounds you have to try and edit out when you record at the house of someone who lives next to … Continue reading

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Neils Trollbloods

After years of finding excuses why not to I finally gave in and had an intro of Warmachine. Turns out it’s actually quite a fun game. Fun enough in fact that when Daz decided to run an escalation campaign at … Continue reading

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Regiments of Renown- Smurftkil’s Pig Stikkas

Hopefully by now you’ll have all listened to Episode 10 (and if not why not?) where Jon and I discussed the Regiment of Renown tournament at Warhammer World, the rules and our planned Warbands. So here’s my offering for the … Continue reading

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An Army in 8 Days, Speed Painting Dwarfs

About this time last year I sat down and painted my Warriors of Chaos in preparation for AGOM. I painted them quickly but I painted them well and all told I’ve got about 2400 points painted. At christmas I sat down … Continue reading

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Pre Heresy Nightlords update

With the Warriors of Chaos book coming out and AGOM being just round the corner I haven’t got much more done on these guys. I have however rebased my first five models and I think you’ll agree they look much better. … Continue reading

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