Tale of gamers month 4

So month four, and I am pretty bored of painting nurgle daemons, so I decided to add some chaos space marine allies in, this is what a added, a unit of chosen and a rhino to get blown up, sorry transport them safely across the battleground. i tried the textured paint from GW on the rhino and wasn’t really happy with it, but think it will have to do for the time being.



The challenge this month was to paint a piece of terrain that fits with your army, I chose this piece and added the green glop to match my bases


Was really happy with this think it turned out really well, was a nice change from painting green!

I played Tim again this month who had added two fire prisms to his eldar, but as before i rolled iron arm and smashed him up!.

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Tale of gamers month 3

I couldn’t wait for this month to start so I could get Dave the deamon prince on the table, but firstly we got our challenge, we had to write a mission that suits the style of our army. So I came up with mission in which the enemy deploys in the middle of the board and the deamons deep strike in and kill everyone!

My declaration for this month was another ten plaguebearers


and a unit of plague drones


My game this month was against Tim and his eldar, he had a Farseer, rangers and a million jet bikes! Dave proved his worth this game by killing 75% of the eldar on his own! i found out that if i roll iron arm for one of his psyker powers i will win the game and if i don’t i wont!

So month three done and I have still yet to drop a point, out of the twelve there are only 5 still on max points.

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Tale of gamers month 2

So month two starts and we get our challenge, to build six numbered objective markers. Which I am pretty pleased with


I found the numbers in hobbycraft for a couple of quid added some nurglings and away we went.

I then declared my month two, a flying deamon prince of nurgle! Proper filth! So meet Dave the deamon prince.


I used the balrog wings, which fit really easily on this model and thus dave was born!.

We could also this month play with last months so we had loads of little 250pt games, I played George’s drop pod space marines, which consisted of 5 marines a captain and a drop pod!, so he dropped, I charged, he died!

So another month and another set of max points!

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Tale of gamers month 1

Tale of gamers 1
so my local GW store, which is run by a normal human being and is a pleasant place to sit and paint on a day off (a rarity nowadays). Started a tale of gamers event for 40k, now I have been out of 40k since 6th came out, so with 7th coming out I thought this would give me a good excuse to get back into it.

So the plan is in the first month you pick a Hq and a troop choice up to 250pts, then every month you add another 250pts of whatever you want, plus every month there will be an extra challenge to do. So after six months we will all have a 1500pt army and we are hoping to have a group trip up to a throne of skulls with them at the start of next year.

So I decided to do a pure nurgle deamon army, which meant my first months choices picked themselves, I got a nurgle herald and a unit of ten plaguebearers.


Now there is a competitive element to this, you get points every month for the following:
Declaring your months picks on time
Building, painting and basing your models on time
Completing your months challenge
And starting in month two, playing a game with your army with 1pt for a draw and 3pts for a win.

So the challenge for month one was to write a background story on your army, so here is mine.


So after month one I am on max points! Yay! So is everyone else! Boo!

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S-Foils to Attack Positions- Part 7- 3D Asteroids!

My insatiable obsession with X-Wing is still going strong- unfortunately it feels like everyone locally is fed up of playing X-Wing with me so I haven’t played a proper game in ages! Sad panda.

In the mean time, I’ve been busy at the painting desk again- this time finishing off my Asteroids.

I do eventually intent to paint the bases with some stars etc- but it depends what kind of gamaing mat/board I end up getting so I’m holding fire for now. They I’m still happy with how they look even in plain black.

Let me know what you think!

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Tree-buchet! (Part 2)

Welcome back! Here’s a good chance for you to find out how I paint my toys, as usually I’m too embarrassed to show off any WIPs (they usually look so horrible right up till the model is finished). The Treebuchet came out quite nicely in most stages surprisingly, so time to share!

(note that I use a mixture of old and new GW paints, mainly because I’m such a slow painter I’ve got loads of old paint pots still!)


Bark – liberal coating of Charadon Granite, washed all over with a random mix of Devlan Mud, Thraka Green and also mixing the two in some areas. After it dried, I drybrushed the bark again with Charadon Granite, to catch the raised areas and to add some texture to flat areas.

Sapwood, Beard and Antlers – All painted with Dheneb stone, then the wood got washed with Devlan, while the Beard and Antlers were washed with Seraphim Sepia.

Runes, Crevices, Eyes and leaves – Dark Angels Green. Painted quite sloppily around the runes (but with watered down paint) which helps add to the glow effect later.


Midtones & fun Glowy Effects!

The bark was then lightly drybrushed with Khemri brown, followed by a drybrush of Codex Grey. Yes, that’s right, grey. If you look at old trees in nature, you’d see they often have a grey-ish tinge, sometimes even silver!

Then my fav bit of the model was the runes. With quite watered down paint, I applied Snot Green, followed by Moot Green and then Moot Green mixed with White. At certain points I’d even go pure white, but making sure they are only in the crevices of the runes itself.


Highlights / Finishing touches

Bark – Edge highlighted with Codex Grey as well as thin lines across certain flat areas to give more highlighted depth. See second picture above

Sapwood – highlighted with Dheneb Stone

Leaves – Edge highlighted with Rotting flesh, then toned down with Waywatcher Glaze

Antlers – With Scorched brown, I shaded the base of the antlers and the bits where it splits. This is layered up with Screaming Skull, followed by a mix of Screaming Skull and White, with the tips a pure white.


For the Minotaur, I used a dark mix of Black and Mechrite Red and then taking a salmon mix by adding some Screaming Skull and drawing thin fine fur lines. The whole thing is glazed with Bloodletter, before adding some fun Blood for the Blood God. The shaggy fur was Incubi Darkness, highlighted with a mix of that and white.

The Druids were dreadfully simple too. Robes were Knarloc Green highlighted with Camo Green, then washed with Devlan. Skin tones was simply Tallarn Flesh, washed with Reikland Fleshshade and then highlighted with Tallarn. I also painted some magical glow on their hands which was done in the same way as the Treebuchet’s runes.





Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!



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How to win Army Awards (if Ming can do it, so can you!) – Part 3

Welcome back! For those who’ve just joined us, here’s Part 1, where we covered the basics and Part 2, where your army can be polished further. In this last session, I’d finish up with some points that didn’t fit in the earlier ones.

1) Go for GTs

You may have won a prize or two at your local tourney, but the awards only really count if they’re at a GT! (especially crucial if you’re trying to get into the Painting Masters).

Even if you don’t win, you’ll get to see first-hand what makes a stunning, award-winning army, and better yet, stalk the winners to steal some ideas/inspiration/techniques from them. As they say, better to be a small fish in the ocean, than a big fish in a small pond.

So you’ve brought your great army to one and got a nomination (which is a prize in itself). Here are a few tips that could help you win some prizes.

Location location location

Get yourself a good spot which isn’t too crowded. This is usually the end table on the first row closest to the stage/TO booth/empty area. Until we develop a sushi conveyor belt for displaying armies, it’s a sad truth that armies can be overlooked purely because they were hard to get to.


If the prizes are determined by votes, there’s an element of popularity like all beauty pageants. I’m not encouraging you to go around canvassing for votes or by sucking up to everyone, but being friendly always helps. If you’re willing to answer questions or point out little details people might miss, people may remember your army more.

Themed terrain

If the tourney requires you to bring a couple pieces of scenery, most armies would benefit from similarly themed terrain. This definitely helps armies where the basing scheme is completely different from the often-green board you’d be displaying it on.


Display boards

Strangely, this one backfires quite often! It can often dominate the army, is hard to do well, and there’s a negative view on them (at least in the UK). Done well however, this can really grab the votes. I’ve not attempted one, but you’d be able to find great examples over in the States.

2) You can teach an old dog new tricks

Subjectivity is a huge part in the hobby awards, so don’t expect to win a trophy each event. Instead, use it to continuously improve. Learn something new from each outing and work it into your next army.

Over time, your skills will improve and your previous work can look quite different to the latest unit you’ve painted. There’s nothing wrong with repainting an army. More often than not, you would only need to touch it up rather than strip and repaint.


Simply repainting the shields changed these Men-at-Arms (one of my earliest minis) into something worth displaying.

If you do find yourself hitting a wall/slump, a break from painting can do wonders. My biggest jumps in technical ability tend to occur after disappearing for several months. I don’t know why this happens, perhaps it’s muscle memory loosening making you do something different, or perhaps you’re fully recharged upon return.

3) Painting Projects

Apart from repainting, one way to improve quickly is by painting other models not in your usual army. You’re likely to learn new techniques, be it paint styles or conversion ideas, which you can add to your existing army. It’s also a good break from the monotony of painting skavenslave #235 and can refill your creative juices.

Archaon_Left Archaon_FrontArchaon_Right

A painting project could also lead to the start of a new force, which then often snowballs into the next point.

4) Start a new army

As expensive as this sounds, it’s probably something you’d have to do eventually. People can get bored of voting for the same army (though it does happen) and rather than adding minor changes, it’s sometimes better to do a whole new one. Different armies also encourages different techniques which will make you a more rounded hobbyist.

Priest_F Priest_B Dragon_Isles

(My small LM force for Doubles)

If money is an issue, trading or selling old projects is sometimes the answer. Look for bargains and ride the bandwagon trends, lots of people dump their collection if a new book hits and they don’t like the way it plays. Also, by buying more armies, you’d end up producing a great bits box, which will be helpful for future conversions.

And in the meantime, keep working on that favourite army of yours and bring it back when it’s revamped and jazzed up!


Well, I guess that’s it from me. Hope you enjoyed reading this “tutorial”, even if was common sense or rehashed points. Please let me know if there are any topics you’d like to see in the future! (@Thornshield on Twitter)


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S-Foils to Attack Positions- Part 6- Rebels!

My Rebels have been feeling severely left out lately, and as such I thought I’d better get some paint on a couple of them too.

First up is an Arc-170. As I’ve said previously I’m hoping to use these as X-Wing proxies, using all the official cards, dials and bases. Obviously it really depends on whether the UK independent scene allows such things- currently the official FFG rules forbid it (and rightly so!).
They may unfortunately be relegated to casual play :(

Arc-170 (1)

Arc-170 (2)

I also did some work on the first of my X-Wings. It came out quite pale, but I based the colour scheme on pictures from the movies and FFG artwork so it is pretty close to accurate. Perhaps it only looks so pale standing next to the original FFG paintjob. Interested to hear thoughts?!


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A Venture into Heresy

I’m old enough to remember when the Horus Heresy was just a glimmer in Rick Priestly’s eye. Back then Leman Russ was listed as a hero of the Imperium and the primarchs had yet to be invented.

But from those non canonical beginnings the Heresy has always held a strong fascination for me.

So imagine my excitement when Forgeworld brought out a game for the era. Initially I started building a Nightlords army but they’ve been put on the back burner for now. Rather like the Alpha legion they don’t lend themselves to playing as a regular force and I’ve struggled to write a list I like.

And the Mechanicum is so shiny!

I mean seriously shiny, it’s an army if big robots. What more could a child of the 80’s want.

I’d been looking for an excuse to start a Mechanicum force for a while. Then Dan (@Filmcorai on twitter) decided to run a Horus Heresy campaign weekend (you can find details here).

That was all the excuse I needed.

So here’s my first model for my Dark Mechanicum army.





Next up I’ve got a Magos and a unit of Thallanx.

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Tree-buchet! (Part 1)

As you may know, I’ve not had a proper centerpiece in my army for some time now. Well that’s about to change!

While reading some old Warhammer fluff, I chanced upon Taal, God of Nature, who I felt would be a good deity for my peasants to worship, given it’d be sacrilege for them to pray to the Lady! A spark jolted through my brain, producing an image of Taal Druids deep in a magical chant, summoning a rooted Treeman to aid them in battle. I had found my Verdant Guard themed Trebuchet!

Now, this idea came about ages ago, and I contemplated using the old metal Durthu or reproducing a Treeman built out of Citadel Forests. But procrastination, my no. 1 enemy, kept rearing its ugly head and I never worked on it. Fast forward to a few months ago, when the plastic Treeman kit came out. Jackpot!

After studying the instructions (boy are these kits complex!), I set aside the bits that I thought would work. First was the antler-head as it fit with the stag theme I had going on already. The outstretched arm and upper body looked perfect as is, but I knew if I built it as is, the model would be too tall and humanoid. I wanted something shorter and more immobile to fit the Trebuchet’s rules, so swapped some arms and leg pieces, to make it stumpier and added a forest branch for the third root-leg, plus another for the left arm. I then made a cast of the chest piece using some Instant-Mold, which would help later on.


Got the pose I wanted, asked around for some feedback, which meant changing the orientation of the branch-arm, and then continued with the GS work. What I did here was use the cast made previously to give me some runes for the foot, as well as branch structures (see those on the top right of the chest piece?) which would blend better into the model.


As a break, I started working on the Druids which count as Trebuchet crew.


These were really simple conversions – Flagellant bodies and arms with Glade Guard heads. Add some suitable tree-hugging bits and we’re done!


Back to the Treebuchet. One great suggestion I got was for it to lob the Brass Bull’s head! This sounded great, but I toned it down into regular Minotaurs, as it wouldn’t be feasible for Taurox to be repeatedly killed!  Further conversion work later, I had a decapitated Mino hurled into the air. I initially produced a kitbashed torso made from an Ogre Bull and some fur bits down the spine, but in the second picture above, I figured it was too large for the base and that I’ll save it for the second Treebuchet (to be produced in 2026 when Brets get a new book).

The last picture shows what I opted for, a nice shield-bearing Mino arm, ripped from the body. I also then went and covered the GS work with some liquid GS, to blend it in with the plastic more. Not sure whether that was necessary.

And with that, my first ever (large-ish) centerpiece was built! Keep your eyes peeled for the next section, where I’ll talk about how I painted it.


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