Vidpui’s Adepta Sororitas – Sisters of the Pure Morning Part 1

Hi y’all.

My friend asked me to paint his Adepta Sororitas for him and was happy enough to let me choose the colour scheme. After a few emails back and forth we settle on bone white armour with red cloth and silver metals. I breathed a sigh of relief because it was a simple scheme and easy to do.

So a couple of days went by and I received the Sisters in the post. He had neglected to tell me that they needed cleaning and stripping…

The army would consist of:
1 Celestine the Living Saint
1 Canoness
1 Repentia Squad
1 Sisters of Battle Squad
1 Sisters of Battle Seraphim Squad
1 Penitent Engine

They are all to have custom made urban style bases to fit in with an Inquisitor and bounty hunter I painted for him a while back.

So I started with the most tedious part – stripping the gals! I’d normally use Fairy power spray but had run out so ended having to use good old Dettol instead. As you can see from the second pic I dunked them in a container and covered them with Dettol, and left them for a few days (mainly because I forgot about them lol)

 photo sis1_zps92eb5f38.jpg

After a few days I took them out to clean off the residue. With Dettol, I find that it gets very gunky and messy when you try to scrub the paint off so it’s easier to wipe off the slime with a cloth first. I normally do this then leave the mini in the Dettol bath again. Once the majority of the paint is wiped off, I set them aside to dry. When these are dry go at it with lots of elbow grease with a stiff wire brush and it will take off the rest of the paint (see the 3rd picture). Give them a wash in some water to make sure all they are clean for the primer to stick.

On to the bases. I made these urban bases out of cork tile, and other random bits and pieces from my terrain bits box e.g. bits of plastic card, model bricks, bits of cork for stones, texture paste etc. The Seraphim squad needed some ping to them so I made the bases with structures pointing up for them to stick on to. Only problem is that they kept tipping over, but it was simply solved by gluing some 1p coins to the bottom.

 photo sis2_zpsceb6fe6e.jpg

After that it’s just a case of cleaning, gluing the models to the bases and priming them. More on that next time!


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Ming’s Introduction!

Hello all, it’s Ming here! For those who’ve not met me around the tourney/twitter scene, this first post is to bore you with my history of the hobby.

I started by stumbling into a local GW (5 minutes from my flat – GW Angel which is now in heaven, RIP) just after 8th ed hit stores. I’ve always known about Warhammer from young but a variety of reasons (such as living in a country where the exchange rate meant I had to live off cup noodles for a year to buy a box) stopped me from starting. Finally, as a working adult, I began my downward spiral into madness.

My first army, and undoubtedly my favourite, was the painting nightmare known to mankind as the Brets. Having never picked up a mini before, I had originally thought I’d be basecoating and dipping, only to be sharply rebuked by the manager that I should give proper painting a try first.

So glad I did! While the first few minis weren’t great, I was hooked! I scoured the net for tutorials, devouring paint schemes and new techniques like a fat kid in a candy store.


Due to my slowness at painting, I never really had a fully painted army till this year and played casually in my local store. But when I finally painted enough…I knew I had to break into the tourney scene, taking with me my Verdant Guard (which I promise will be part of a blog series in the future). At this point, I wasn’t sure whether my painting was good enough but knew it’d be a laugh.

I started with the greatest “not-a-tournament” in January, which was the After the Storm campaign weekend, in which I was honoured to take home the Best Painted prize! Again, hooked.


Since then, I’ve been to a number of tourneys this same year, picking up a few nominations and recently another big win at MKGT. And this has seen me unexpectedly shoot up the Painting Rankings (yes, it’s a real thing!) which is a fun, silly system to encourage great painters to turn up at more tourneys. There’s even going to be a Painting Masters event at the start of next year, with invites to the top 15!

On that note, my next article would be related to said Rankings. It’s also a guide to help everyone create a stunning army, based on my own experiences and lessons learnt from my own army. Initially called it “How to NOT win Best Painted” though people immediately said, take a crap looking army. Hmm.

Anyway, till the next time, take care!


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From the Darkness: First blood

With the start of the first turn of the campaign, I have found myself well away from the parts of Albion I wanted!  Having the misfortune of sitting at the wrong end of the table, out of favour with the dice gods, I have started out on the south of the island in what effectively is Portsmouth, next to the Isle of Wights.  Ash’s Slaneeshi Demon army will be getting the pasties in and Jon’s Wood Elves look like they’re going to be led by Joey Essex…on a unicorn.


No problem, just makes my quest all the more challenging and gives more potential for story building!

Placing flags, castles and mines, we made our first moves and being last, I could watch everyone jostle for territory.  Jon made a grab for the Great Ogham Stones and I wasn’t going to let the wood pansies take it so easily.  Rolling high enough, I got my warband marker across to the ancient ruins to throw down the gauntlet.

It’s going to be interesting to see how the Beastmen stack up against the new Wood Elves.  In a pre-campaign ‘friendly’ I slaughtered the wood pansies but I’ve got a sneaking suspicion it’s not going to be so easy this time round!  Fortunately there’s no magic at this level of the campaign, so I’ve just got to watch out for the Legolas-esque archer and I should beat them…

Despite making a big deal of getting our warbands ready for the first turn, Jon had spent too much time making cool scenery and an awesome map from Might Empires tiles.  His leader unpainted, I couldn’t remind the tree huggers why they should run and hide when the Beastmen are about.

Instead I played a bonus game against Paul’s Dark Elves (thanks to Nick for it not being just some random battle!),which ended up a loss at 136 to 76 VPs.  Seems like a bit of a difference but it was actually closer; we had a similar number of models left on the board and both our leaders were still standing.

The crucial moment came when I was forced to take a leadership test, always a nervy moment with Beastmen.  Fail, I lose the game, pass we battle on and Paul gets 50VPs.  I passed.  To return the favour I had to kill at least one Dark Elf in the following turn and despite passing a primal fury test on a double 1, laying into a single Corsair with 5 attacks from a pair of gors, I fluffed the wound rolls.  Those 50VPs eluded me!

Still it meant my leader got to finish off the Witch Elves, from which he had survived at least 4 or 5 rounds of combat, only taking one wound in return. 2+ armour save for the win!  I survived the ‘always strikes first’ rule well enough, despite generally having no armour and if the Bestigor had been able to land a few blows in combat (one didn’t even make it in, kept tripping over his own hooves!),  I could have got a few solid kills and a few more VPs.

All-in-all a fun first battle of the campaign for the Beastmen.  Thought I was really going to struggle against the Witches and the Dark Elves high initiative, but in the end did well enough to make it a close game.  On the plus side I got an 11 for the leader upgrade, meaning Durghon got +1S or T, a great result for a character that already has a S4, T4 with a 2+ save!  Went for the +1S, as it makes killing things all the more easy!


The long faced gors stared slack jawed at Ralgur, as he described the warband of Durghon.  Grunting incredulously as the centigor rambled on drunkenly.  One of the creatures was about to challenge the credibility of the story in the only way beastman knew, when Ralgur downed the remaining alcohol in the skin, then slammed it in the fire making it flare up unexpectedly.

Falling back in surprise and baying angrily, Ralgur laughed loudly whilst the other beastmen nearby ignored the spectacle glad they were not having to put with the centigor’s tall tales.  Wiping his face, the tauric beastman leaned forward, the fire casting a red glow under his ugly face making the pair pause and tense, ready for violence.  Instead Ralgur began to bawl the story of how Durghon warband took on a band of Dark Elf raiders.

Grunting in disbelief they listened at how the beastmen charged across the ancient standing stones from the woods, apparently not far from where they were camped, to drive off the Elven raiders.  Most of the story did not sound overly impressive, especially at how drunk Durghon was said to be at the time, which was normal for a centigor.  Their ears twitched with interest as Ralgur regailed them with the details of the single combat between Durghon and four Witch Elves.

His warhounds slain, the powerful Durghon stabbed, beat and kicked three of the frenzied she-Elves too death. The crazed breeders dancing about him landing too many hits for Ralgur to count, some of them poisoned, but Durghon shrugged them off.  Finally, seeing her kin so brutally beaten  down, the last Witch Elf fled only to be run down by the victorious centigor. 

Making sure he emphasised the detail of the demise of each Witch Elf, Ralgur had actually got the gors’ attention.  When he finished with the last she-Elf being raised aloft, screaming having slid half way down Durghon’s spear, there was silence.  “What happened then?” one of the gors demanded.  Ralgur blinked at him, swayed drunkenly, then smiled evilly as he remembered.

“Durghon took up the dead she-Elves by the hair and with the spitted one, bayed triumphantly as he rode into the forest for a feast of elf flesh!”


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Cold Blooded Killers – Nic’s Lizardmen Post 1

Hello and welcome to my blog. I’ve just moved up to the area and before I arrived Graham had warned me that most people he knew played 40K :( so when I got here and found out that everyone was planning a warhammer fantasy slow grow I was more than happy to throw my 40K stuff back in a dusty box and start plotting a new army. I’ve met most people through Jon’s painting sessions and have not played many games yet so I’m hoping some of my not-so-devious battle plans will be a painful surprise.

As most of the others are definitely trying something new I have decided to go for an army that will test my (okay) painting and (really bad) modelling skills – Lizardmen. I like the idea of different lizard species some of which I can paint in really vivid colours. Also there’s something about an army of dinosaurs which promises fun times.


So what should you expect from me in this blog? Stuff and things. I’d like to say more and I’m really excited about starting a new army but have been staring at this question for over an hour and am still no closer. My main reason for blogging is to set myself challenges… i.e. I’m hoping I’ll be less tempted to wuss out on things if its written somewhere (in theory) people can see. Overall I believe I’m still quite an inexperienced wargamer so I will probably discuss other people’s ideas quite a bit as well as why I decided to do stuff and how well things work.

I hope you find it interesting to read.

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A Quick Hello!

Hi. David here, aka Vidpui. Just a quick post to introduce myself, and to give you some hints about what I’ll be posting about in the next few months.

You may know me from Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc. I’ll give you a few seconds to go and google Vidpui. You’ll soon see lots and lots of pictures.

…you back yet? Good.

I’d consider myself a painter, and not a gamer. Never played a game, probably never will… But that means I do get to paint what I like and not have to worry about making an army out of them. So my posts are going to mainly concentrate on what I painted and how I painted it. Perhaps some of you guys will find it useful.

As you can probably tell, I tend to flitter from project to project. Last year it’s was Deathwing, Chaos Cultists, Dwarves, Empire, Necrons, Bloodbowl items, Chaos dwarves and other random stuff.

 photo Untitled-1_zps5e18f386.jpg

Currently the next couple of months will feature a Sisters of Battle Patrol, maybe some Woodelves, and more Chaos Dwarves painted on commission. My own projects, when I have time, are my 1/6th Space Wolf, OOP Dwarves, Sigma Temple Guard theme patrol, World Eater Space Marines, and other half-finished projects.

 photo 2_zps20c0200e.jpg

Plenty of things to keep me interested and hopefully you guys too!



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The Shrouded Isle- Turn 1, The Landing

Turn one began with each player rolling off to determine where their forces would land upon the island.

The Dwarves were the first to reach Albion- their steam powered barges clearly giving them the advantage of speed in the calm waters currently surrounding the island. Naturally, they landed in the northwest region amongst the towering mountains north of the Giants Causeway, keen to unlock the secrets of the uncharted caverns and potentially undiscovered mineral wealth.
Close behind, the Wood Elves started to appear in the heavily forested south-east region. Their ability to utilise the World Roots to travel vast distances quickly had allowed them to arrive faster than many of their enemies.
The Kin-slaver Ogres, lent speed by the steamships of their Chaos Dwarf allies, crashed onto the western beaches of the isle, eager to find new slaves to capture for their dark masters.
The Dark Elves arrived on the western section of the island, their black corsair ships quickly setting up a port from which to raid the rest of the island.
Simultaneously, two portals from the realm of chaos ripped through the fabric of reality, and Daemons poured onto the Shrouded Isle. In the East, Daemons of Nurgle began to corrupt and infect the ground around them, while in the South West, Daemons of Slaanesh were heralded by strange and alien flora appearing suddenly from the barren earth.
Ancient vessels of strange design arrived on the northern section of the island, and strange reptilian creatures began to organise the surrounding area, unloading great slabs of marble from their ships to assemble temples to the Old Ones.
Finally, the Beastmen arrived in their ramshackle fleet, long behind the rest of the forces. They rampaged onto the southern section of the island, foaming at the mouths and eager to get to grips with the enemy….



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The Shrouded Isle- The Players

Jon- Wood Elves
Well…. Hopefully you know who I am! For more info on my Wood Elves, check them out here.

Liam- Beastmen
Liam is completely new to Fantasy, having played 40k on and off for a number of years. The slow grow will be his opportunity to learn a completely new system and gradually build up an army, ready for his first tournament!
His background behind his Regiment of Renown is that each battle is the drunken fireside storytelling of an old Centigor, boasting of days long gone by.
If you want to see more of Liam’s Beastmen, check out all his posts here.



 Nicola- Lizardmen
Nicola has been playing Fantasy for a number of years and is heavily involved with the Leicester University Gaming Society, including organising the 2013 Nationals event.
Her idea for the Lizardmen is that no two lizard are ever the same in colouration or pattern. Nicola has gone for a very neutral, realistic brown tone for her lizards, but the exact shade of brown varies from model to model, even within each unit! The overall effect is very interesting and super realistic, while still being cohesive.




 Graham- Dwarves
Graham has played Fantasy a few times over the years, but is really a hardcore 40ker! This campaign is his chance to get stuck into Fantasy properly and get some Dwarves ready for the table!
Graham has gone for a crisp, classic paint scheme for his Dwarfs, with a range of various colours for the cloth and leather on his models. All these colours are tied together by the burnished gold, bronze and dark metal effect he has used across the weapons and armour throughout his regiment! Graham is currently experimenting with some different basing techniques before settling on what he will use for the rest of the army.

 Paul- Dark Elves
Paul is completely new to wargaming in general- he has never picked up a brush to paint miniatures, or played any kind of wargame in his life before! Naturally, we were completely shocked when he turned up with some stunningly painted Dark Elf models to use for his Regiment of Renown! Paul is certainly one to watch on the painting front.

Chris- Nurgle Daemons
Chris is yet another avid 40ker, but he is also keen on his RPGs including D&D, Star Wars EotE amongst others. Chris is a keen GM, so we’re looking forward to reading the background of his army, and the narrative write ups for his game. Should be exciting!
Chris has used a fantastically simple painting scheme for his Nurgle Daemons, allowing him to knock out an awesome looking Regiment in very little time! He’s excited to get on with the larger army, and has a shopping list as long as his arm figured out already!

Ash- Slaanesh Daemons
Ash is an all-round wargamer, having played a huge range of wargames, board games and RPGs, including both Fantasy and 40k. While Ash was tempted to use Bretonnians for the campaign, ultimately he could resist the beguiling nature of Slaanesh.
Ash has some fantastic background behind his army and character, so make sure you check out the rest of his posts in the coming weeks to read more!
If you want to see more of Ash’s Slaanesh Daemons, check out all his posts here:
Nick- Ogres
Nick is an avid 40ker, with no Fantasy experience whatsoever. Thus far Nick is the only person who has resisted conversion to the Dark Side (mostly influenced by the fact that he has around 300 Tyranids waiting on his painting table). While we’re pretty sure he can be brainwashed into picking up a force later down the line, he’ll be using Jon’s “Kin-Slaver Tribe” Ogres for now.
For more info on the Kin-Slaver Tribe, check them out here.

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Andy’s Hobby Wobble all the way to Lustria!

Good afternoon guys.

I’ll be honest, I’m in a bit of a rut with the hobby at the moment, I’ve been looking at different gaming systems, and new sets of fluff to try get me going with the hobby going again. One issue is I am currently moving in to a new place with my better half so the only thing getting painted in the next month or so will be walls/doors etc.

There are some good things about now having my own place, I will finally be able to build my own table and scenery so that will be planned for the near future.

Recently I have literally sold all my old 40k and fantasy armies, mostly to make room and to fund the £82.00 a roll wallpaper the “boss” wants, but I intend to get a 1500pt Fantasy army finished by AGOM February 2015 and I have also been tempted to start a 30k Space Marine Legion (yes space marines).

So in the coming months you will be getting some updates on these two projects. The Lizardmen will be the main aim, I intend to build a list that no-one will expect, but more information on that in the future. I will try to get at least one mini post on here a week with updates and maybe a monthly big update, but we shall see how life treats me in order to do that.

I also intend in the near future, once I get my computer all set is up is to do a series of video logs for the armies. So that is something for you to look forward to ;).

Thanks for reading.

Andy – @Praetoriian

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Genesis of an Army: Neil’s Slaanesh Warriors

It was a month after the Warriors of Chaos book came out that this army started to take shape in my mind. It was the fifth game at AGOM and I was flying high on the top tables with my Nurgle Warrior army. Well more specifically with Gy’ry’ld my Nurgle Daemon Prince who was killing everything before him.

And then I came up against a Slaanesh Warriors army. No Daemon Prince. No Chimera. No block of Warriors.
“I can take this.” I thought. Six turns latter and my army was all but wiped out by magic.

I’d love to say I bounced back in the final game but it was Battle for the Pass and I was up against a Dwarf gunline. I could have had a non game that final game and got a draw, I’d have ranked slightly higher because of it. But I’d have also denied my opponent a game and that’s just bad etiquette in my book. I rushed his gun line and died horribly but had fun doing it. But more importantly that day I began to see the potential of the Slaanesh Warriors list.

Fast forward fourteen months and I’ve brought a ticket for Council of War at Warhammer World. For those of you who don’t know it’s a four man team event where day 1 is three 2000 point games and day 2 is one massive 10000 point game with SoM monsters allowed. I went with the same team last year and we won the event (and at the time of writing our mugshot is up on the Warhammer World front page).

So this year we decided to go back and defend out title.

We also realised that we had armies for three of the four chaos gods. We were just missing a Slaanesh army. So what better excuse to start a new army.

I’ve been planning this army for a while in my head so I already knew I didn’t want any troops in the army. To my mind Slaanesh can do an avoidance list better than most armies.

With that in mind my core would be Marauder Horsemen, with one chariot because there are only so many horses one man can paint! My characters would be mounted on Steeds of Slaanesh and I’d have a unit of Hellstriders to put them in. That at least was the theory.

Fast forward a month and a half of play testing and model building from my initial list and it’s evolved somewhat.

My initial list had only a single Chimera as a combat unit. It turns out I don’t have the mentality to run a full avoidance list. For a start I want my opponent to enjoy the game.

The level 4 got replaced by a level 4 daemon prince, the Hellstriders well I took one look at the kit and realised I was never going to transport them anywhere without breaking them. They’ve been replaced by a small unit of knights. I’m currently toying with the idea of dropping out my Hellcannon for a second Chimera.

Now I’m sure some of you are wondering how adding a Daemon Prince, some knights and another Chimera makes the game more enjoyable to my opponent? The answers quite simple. Combat!

Combats the only phase in Warhammer where both players get to truly interact in the same turn. It’s also the phase where a single lucky roll can massively change the course of a battle. To deny my opponents a chance at combat is to deny them a chance to interact with me.

And we’ve all played the game against the player who doesn’t want any form of interaction with us. It’s never fun. So I’m now taking an army where half the unit runs round avoiding things and picking up small points here and there whilst the other half has the potential to wreck face/ be wrecked in combat.

Overall I think a much more enjoyable list to play with/ against.

I’d be interested to here your thoughts on what you find more fun to play against?

Let me know in the comments or on twitter at @Neil_T4G

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Andy’s Journey “Through the Breach” – Malifaux

Good morning Guys.

I have something a little different for you this blog post….. Malifaux.

I don’t know if this has been done on T4G but I have been asked to produce some Malifaux content for you, some things you may not know about, but if you want to learn more about this game then please let me know.

Right I will be honest I am completely new to Malifaux, I only bought my first Malifaux box set and rulebook at the end of February and to help me get to finish my first faction and learn to play I decided to jump in the deep and sign myself up to an event. I signed up to a charity event called Heartfaux held in York on the 10th of May, that gave me around 2 months to learn this new game and get everything done in time for it.

The thing that got me in to Malifaux was some artwork I saw on the internet, the Guild Riflemen, this is still some of my favorite Malifaux artwork, I do think it’s the hats and the long coats. That’s when I picked up my first crew box set, Lady Justice and her Death Marshals. In the two months between starting this game and the event in May I actually picked up three different Guild crews as well as some other Guild bits and got everything painted for the event.

Here is my finished Guild Faction at the event:

 photo image_zpse200c1e7.jpg

Before the event I had only played 5 games so I more or less doubled my experience during the one day event with four games. Though it didn’t go very well as I did pick up last place, I did manage to pick up best painted, which was really surprising. I really enjoyed this event, the atmosphere is completely different to a Warhammer event, and the prize support was superb, honestly I feel there is just “more love” in these smaller events. Here is my haul, and me getting my arse kicked by a veteran Malifaux player:

 photo image_zps0c7e542b.jpg

 photo image_zpsd203f993.jpg

With this game being a small skirmish game I decided to make my own portable gaming board, so here are my amazing joinery skills for my own 4’x3′ folding board, I intend to make/buy some themed terrain but that is a future project:

 photo image_zps515b87e4.jpg

 photo image_zps03db1ba2.jpg

That was my initial journey “Through the Breach” but there is so much more to Malifaux and within a week of the event I decided to start a new crew, and this blog will follow me on my progress with crew. I decided to start the Arcanists, they are a faction in Malifaux of “fragile” spell casters, backed by lots of mechanical constructs. Magical attacks, whether in melee or at range, is a common sight in these crews with a wide variety of ‘elemental’ spells (fire, ice, electricity) for dealing death at range. The huge variety of constructs at their disposal tends to provide them with both their resilience and their source of melee damage. Beasts are also commonly found in this faction, though they tend to be ‘glass cannons’ – high speed and damage with low resilience. The steam punk side of this faction really appeals to me so I decided to pick up the Master – Ramos. Viktor Ramos is the leader of the Miners and Steamfitters Union in Malifaux, but is also secretly the leader among a group of rogue magic users. He and his followers are constantly doing what they can to wrest control of Malifaux away from the corrupt Guild and hand it back to those who should really be in charge: the people. Ramos uses the cover of the M&SU to do his work in the shadows, with the publicity of being the M&SU leader giving him some much needed protection, as the Guild would not dare to eliminate him and incite a riot.

Here is my initial crew, I may add more in the future, but for now it’s time to get painting:

 photo image_zps7fc03b46.jpg

I think some of the things I have mentioned may have been a little vague, so if you do have any questions about the world of Malifaux etc, then please don’t hesitate to ask.

Thanks for reading guys.

Andy – I’m also always up for a game so if you would like to arrange one then let me know or contact me on twitter: @Praetoriian.

P.s. My progress log on the Wyrd forums, if any if you are interested:

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