Competition! – The Canvas of War

Objective: Create a model to represent any piece of GW artwork!
Deadline: Entries must be recieved via email by 13th June 2014
Prize: £15 Element Games voucher! Kindly sponsored by

Element Games

Alongside their fantastic models, Games Workshop also produces some incredible artwork which perfectly captures the grim, dark setting of the Warhammer Fantasy and 40k universes!

In the first of T4G’s competitions, the challenge is to recreate a piece of Games Workshop artwork in the form of a converted and painted miniature!

Your entry can take the form of a single model, diorama, unit filler or whatever else you can imagine; as long as it reflects the artwork you are trying to recreate.

For example, Andy (@praetoriian) found this fantastic conversion online, which sparked the idea for this competition:



I’ve also been working on my own recreation of some iconic artwork, Grimgor Ironhide!:



Entries need to be in by 13th June 2014 and they will be posted on the website for a voting poll so the listeners can decide who best captured the feel of their artwork.
The winner will recieve a £15 Element Games voucher courtesy of Element Games!

Keep us up to date by tweeting @TaleOfFourGeeks with your WIP shots and let us know if you are planning to get involved!

So what are you waiting for?!


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