Dark Elf Quartermaster file- 8th edition

It took me a couple of hours, but I’ve finished putting together the full Quartermaster file for the new Dark Elves 8th edition army book.

The file is complete with every entry in the book, complete with stats and special rules. Special characters are included but I havent bothered adding their stats or special rules.

I’ve thoroughly checked the file to make sure there are no errors, but if you spot anything please let me know.


(You can download the file on a PC, email it to yourself and then ‘Open in Quartermaster’ on your iDevice….. We are working on getting this streamlined for easier direct downloading but its more complex than you might think….)

If you find this useful, i’d love to hear your feedback! It takes a lot of time to put the file together so if you want this for future releases, give me a shout @jon_kerr_t4g


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6 Responses to Dark Elf Quartermaster file- 8th edition

  1. Kate G says:

    Thanks! Not got book in post yet so this sounds great. Not on PC but looking forward to checking this out later. Thanks for your hard work and for sharing.

  2. James says:

    Well done! I’ve been cracking away at this whenever I have time, but you beat me to the punch! :)

  3. mackenzie says:

    how do i import the file into quartermaster

  4. Harry says:

    Excellent, thank you! Worked a treat!

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