Daz does 40K! – The start of the Red Scorpions.

Heya guys. Long time no see ;)

I dont know if it’s just me, or if its something to do with the age of the current edition of WHFB, but Im afraid that I have Warhammer apathy.  Now calm down, it’s not a terminal case, I just have zero motivation to start or complete any thing WHFB related at the moment.  I’ve started many many projects over the past months and all stalled just after the planning stage. Either it was boring to look at, play with or I had something similar already. Now don’t get me wrong, Im still enjoying playing the game but I am renown for always having some WHFB project on the go. This is the first time since I got into the hobby back in 2008, I’ve ever sat back and though, ” You know what, I’m done”.  And I honestly don’t know if thats a good thing or a bad thing…..

…. Latley my eye has been wandering, I’ve noticed Warhammer fantasy has a younger, slimmer and more popular sister. I have noticed her before, playing with her when WHFB popped out to the shops or when she went to visit family. She’s easier to get into, and once you figure her out a great ride. But for some reason or other, after a mad night or a weekend of great fun, I always returned, with my tail between my legs to WHFB. I don’t know if it was guilt, or the fact she was more experienced and sophisticated, there was always something that just made me go back…… until now. WHFB is looking a little complacent with our status at the moment, I mean she’s not even tried to make an effort and do her self up for a good few months and she has a bad case of relationship belly. I’m hoping that by me giving some attention to the sister she can lose a few pounds, give her self a makeover and be fit for use again around about this summer.

If you haven’t figured it out, the younger more popular sister is 40K.

Unlike WHFB I have literally 20 or so 40K army ideas and themes I would love to do.  I have multiple projects all at various stages of completion and am really enjoying learning a new but very similar system. I mean at the moment I have my Iyanden Eldar, Pre heresy Blood Angels, Tyranids and Imperial guard forces on the go. I also want a 30K force and love pretty much everything FW have done for 40K. I fully plan on buying at least 1 or 2 super heavy’s from Forgeworld sometime this year.


fire-raptorp1Im sorry but thats stunning!


Then there’s the other things, like the hobby side of it. Building the large kits you don’t see in WHFB like the tanks ( I mean the first time I put together a Landraider and I noticed that the door mechanism actually works. That blew my mind! Why does WHFB have nothing like that….. ) and being able to use magnets for weapons swaps. A more prevalent use of weathering and battle damage then you see in WHFB. Loads of flat surfaces to practice your free hand ect.

Anyhow I digress….

So Im planning on a Red Scorpions army. Mostly as it ticks a few boxes for things I want to do and try.  Also because I am a Yorkshire man and I got a load cheep off a guy I know….

Its a Forgeworld supported force from one of their Imperial Armour campaign books (IA 9 & 10) with some stunning resin kits and has complete access to the whole GW Space Marine range. They are mostly in MKIV power armour, which in my oppionion is stunning and they have possibly one of the best looking characters ever done. Sevrin Loth


sloth3I dont know what it is about him, but if I could…… I would!

Im planning on the fighting on a red dusty / desert world and for the force to look as if its mid campaign. So expect lots of weathering effects and battle damage. Im hoping these will push my skills a little as a painter whislt also keeping the design and themes of the Red Scorpions.

I leave you with a rough list idea I am currently toying with. The army will be built using the rule of cool and Im planning on finishing a unit then before starting to paint the next. This way i hope I’ll never rush anything to just ‘get it done’.

Servrin Loth. A centurion unit. 4 units of Marines in Rhinos. A Storm raven, possibly with a talon escort and a few big tanks Possibly a predator or a vindicator. Maybe a defensive fortification.

Ill get back to you with a better list in a little while….

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