Empire Windmill Scenery

Continuing with the scenery for The Den gaming club in Windermere, I’ve been working to add another centrepiece for the Empire themed tables. This ones matches the Empire Mansion piece which I painted a few weeks back, and the two would sit nicely on the same table if you really wanted to go for a scenery-heavy game!

This windmill started out as a combination of laser cut kits. The tower section was sold as an individual windmill, and the large attached timber framed style section was originally a separate house piece. I wanted to combine the two together to make one huge building, and the variation in styles fit the ramshackle Warhammer Empire architecture perfectly.

The roof tiles were simple cut from strips of cereal box card and PVA glued on, starting with the bottom row and overlapping. The tiles were deliberately cut to different sizes and painted with a weathered effect to add to the ramshackle appearance.

Finally, leftover bits from the GW plastic scenery kits were added to further tie the model in with the Mansion I had done.






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