Firing up the Forge….

In the past year or so my Adeptus Mechanicus army has been on the backburner. Finally, with Dan and I having a goal to work towards- the 40k Battle Brothers event at Warhammer World- I have a reason to sit down and get on with them!

With the release of Dark Vengeance I found a perfect starting point for my Skitarii. Previously I had done some work on conversions using High Elf legs, Cadian Torsos and scratch built hoods and armour plates.

 photo SkitariiGroupComplete.jpg

While these were pretty cool, they were a little static and a bit too “clean” for my liking (I like my 40k to be grimdark!) and when I saw the new Chaos Cultist models I knew I had a perfect new base to start again.

 photo Skitarii1.jpg

 photo Skitarii2.jpg

 photo SkitariiWIP2.jpg

 photo SkitariiWIP3.jpg

I took some time finding a shade of red I was happy with, and also tried a few different basing colours before settling on a reddish/brown Martian soil….

Simultaneously, for month I have been working on a Knight Titan. My first attempt at one of these used Defiler bits but I wasn’t particularly happy where it was going. I found some inspiration in the form of a Golden Demon winning Knight Titan conversion from a GK Dreadknight, and shamelessly stole the entire conversion, with a few minor improvements! I can’t take too much credit for the idea, but I am confident that my conversion will be better than the original, even if I have no chance of matching the paint job!

 photo f96c3ea1a4039c12e22f5963a1fd1804.jpg

 photo KnightWIP1.jpg

 photo KnightWIP2.jpg

 photo KnightWIP3.jpg

 photo KnightWIP4.jpg

 photo KnightWIP5.jpg

I have a few decisions to make regarding the paint scheme on the Knight. Fluff wise- the Knights are not actually attached to the Adeptus Mechanicus, but come from a number of other planets and feudal Houses. As such it’s unlikely they’d be painted in the classic mechanicus red. For this reason I’m going with a bright blue scheme, and hopefully by matching the colours of the weapons (a dark gunmetal) and the basing (the martian red/brown soil) he should look like part of the same army. Slightly concerning, so I’m interested to hear people’s thoughts!

So, this is where I am up to before starting work again. It’s nice to be starting a project where I already have the groundwork and test models complete- all I have to do now is finish off the models I started months ago!

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  1. Talancir says:

    Well, now that Imperial Knights are officially out, will you be getting one?

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