Forge World Open Day 2013

Hey guys!

Just returned from the Forge World Open Day 2013 and decided to throw up all the photos from the day! Some of the cabinet lighting was playing havoc with the camera so all these photos have been edited as best I can to show off the models!

Absolutely brilliant sneak peeks for many of the upcoming Fantasy models!

The Merwyrm that we’ve all seen in this months White Dwarf is now finished, cast up, and apparently ready for release in the next 6 weeks. The model looks fantastic, and seems to be swimming or crawling over a shipwreck! Expect to see lots of these in Golden Demon submerged in clear resin!

The Dread Maw is one of the last few monsters to be done from Monstrous Arcanum. It’s burrowing up out of the ground, and the mouth has hundreds of tiny teeth inside.

The Troll Mother is very WIP, but I got to speak to the sculptor Trish Carden, who told me we can expect to see a net full of the Mother’s victims on her back, ready to feed to her children. The model is huge, with enourmous grotesque sagging tits and lanky hair. Should be a great model when finished.

The other model ready for release with the new Black Fire Pass book is the Gobba Squig. Also seen in WIP version in White Dwarf, he’s now complete and absolutely fantastic.

I was also informed that Warhammer Forge ARE hoping/planning to produce a Necrofex Collossus AND Khemrian Titan, but are currently in the stages of producing block models and figuring out whether the finances and resources are available to produce what will inevitably be enourmous, expensive minis. Hopefully it will go ahead!

 photo Fantasy18_zps90b5f04c.jpg
 photo Fantasy17_zps31365e47.jpg
 photo Fantasy19_zps6c613e06.jpg
 photo Fantasy12_zps1a1de4ca.jpg
 photo Fantasy11_zpsc8b1f35c.jpg
 photo Fantasy10_zps12cf83ba.jpg
 photo Fantasy16_zpsbde3f01b.jpg
 photo Fantasy9_zpse824c880.jpg
 photo Fantasy15_zps702a86ee.jpg
 photo Fantasy14_zps13d89395.jpg
 photo Fantasy13_zpsc011271a.jpg

40k Boring!

I’m probably not the best person to talk about the new 40k stuff as it’s not really my thing, so without further ado, here’s some piccies.

 photo 40k16_zpscfce4a4b.jpg
 photo 40k7_zpsd9c58912.jpg
 photo 40k6_zpsc214c79e.jpg
 photo 40k5_zps65c25748.jpg
 photo 40k4_zps57889344.jpg
 photo 40k3_zpsaf1eac05.jpg
 photo 40k2_zpse9ede7c6.jpg
 photo 40k1_zpsdf730fa0.jpg
 photo 40k17_zps93b39c0f.jpg
 photo 40k12_zps3dd1d928.jpg
 photo 40k9_zps7260f366.jpg
 photo 40k8_zps2c85cbbe.jpg
 photo 40k11_zps4cf27658.jpg
 photo 40k10_zps9ae9073c.jpg
 photo 40k15_zps8ccfc0b7.jpg
 photo 40k14_zps627733b2.jpg
 photo 40k13_zpsfc658c58.jpg

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