From the Darkness: Beginnings

Ralgur stumbled drunkenly through the grime and filth of the Beastmen camp, slipping in the churned up earth around the stumps of torn up trees and between the flickering camp fires.  Ugly faces looked up from half eaten forest creatures and roughly hewn drinking cups and horns, none wanted a drunken Centigor as company, especially not Ralgur.

Finally, he slipped and fell face first into a pile of Tuskgor excrement, much to the nearest gors’ amusement.  Their laughs turned to curses and threats as Ralgur wiped the shit from his face and scrambled through the sludge to the campfire, grabbing for a skin of wine.  The nearest gor tried to stop him, but was promptly knocked out with a single swing of the centigor’s meaty fist.

Deciding it better to tolerate Ralgur’s company than fight him, the gor grudgingly shared their campfire, trying to ignore the centigor. “I’ll tell you about the famous centigor…DURGHON!” Ralgur bellowed, splattering the remaining gor with spittle, wine and bad breath.  The gor grumbled a protest, having heard it many times, unwillingly, before but could not do much about it as Ralgur went on with the story.


Welcome to my Beastmen blog, which will expand as I build up a force for a Warhammer Fantasy slow grow campaign starting with a Regiments of Renown (RoR) warband.  The aim is to end up with 1500pts of models and an army fit for an official tournament.

I’ve been into Games Workshop since the early 90s and only ever dabbled in Fantasy, being a dedicated 40K fan.  It’s not that I’ve not wanted to get into it, just didn’t have the excuse!

The suggestion of a Fantasy slow grow was too good a chance to pass up, so I got straight in there and went for Beastmen.  Why?  Why pick an army with a 7th ed army book, that makes little use of the fluff and are effectively brown Orcs?

For me they capture the flavour of the Ruinous Powers in a less obvious way.   They aren’t evil blokes who get off on slaughtering babies, or the rejects from an ethereal realm, they are the anarchic children of Chaos who live throughout the Old World, helbent on pulling down the civilised races.  What’s more they have no direct analogy in 40K.

Besides the fluff, they represent a wealth of conversion opportunities, GW only scratching the surface with the goat-head standard.  Painting flesh, fur, cloth and metal gives a nice break from painting the flat surfaces of Marines!

So, my venture into Fantasy starts with my RoR warband, led by Durghon the centigor.  A legend amongst his kind, the leader of his own warband, something no living centigor could ever claim.  Other Beastmen consider Durghon some figment of a beer muddled imagination, finding it hard to believe any self-respecting Beastmen would  follow a drunken, bumbling quadruped.  This makes my warband and their battles the rambling campfire stories of centigors like Ralgur, each RoR battle adding  to the legend of Durghon!

Beastmen warband photo pic.jpg

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