Genesis of an Army: Neil’s Slaanesh Warriors

It was a month after the Warriors of Chaos book came out that this army started to take shape in my mind. It was the fifth game at AGOM and I was flying high on the top tables with my Nurgle Warrior army. Well more specifically with Gy’ry’ld my Nurgle Daemon Prince who was killing everything before him.

And then I came up against a Slaanesh Warriors army. No Daemon Prince. No Chimera. No block of Warriors.
“I can take this.” I thought. Six turns latter and my army was all but wiped out by magic.

I’d love to say I bounced back in the final game but it was Battle for the Pass and I was up against a Dwarf gunline. I could have had a non game that final game and got a draw, I’d have ranked slightly higher because of it. But I’d have also denied my opponent a game and that’s just bad etiquette in my book. I rushed his gun line and died horribly but had fun doing it. But more importantly that day I began to see the potential of the Slaanesh Warriors list.

Fast forward fourteen months and I’ve brought a ticket for Council of War at Warhammer World. For those of you who don’t know it’s a four man team event where day 1 is three 2000 point games and day 2 is one massive 10000 point game with SoM monsters allowed. I went with the same team last year and we won the event (and at the time of writing our mugshot is up on the Warhammer World front page).

So this year we decided to go back and defend out title.

We also realised that we had armies for three of the four chaos gods. We were just missing a Slaanesh army. So what better excuse to start a new army.

I’ve been planning this army for a while in my head so I already knew I didn’t want any troops in the army. To my mind Slaanesh can do an avoidance list better than most armies.

With that in mind my core would be Marauder Horsemen, with one chariot because there are only so many horses one man can paint! My characters would be mounted on Steeds of Slaanesh and I’d have a unit of Hellstriders to put them in. That at least was the theory.

Fast forward a month and a half of play testing and model building from my initial list and it’s evolved somewhat.

My initial list had only a single Chimera as a combat unit. It turns out I don’t have the mentality to run a full avoidance list. For a start I want my opponent to enjoy the game.

The level 4 got replaced by a level 4 daemon prince, the Hellstriders well I took one look at the kit and realised I was never going to transport them anywhere without breaking them. They’ve been replaced by a small unit of knights. I’m currently toying with the idea of dropping out my Hellcannon for a second Chimera.

Now I’m sure some of you are wondering how adding a Daemon Prince, some knights and another Chimera makes the game more enjoyable to my opponent? The answers quite simple. Combat!

Combats the only phase in Warhammer where both players get to truly interact in the same turn. It’s also the phase where a single lucky roll can massively change the course of a battle. To deny my opponents a chance at combat is to deny them a chance to interact with me.

And we’ve all played the game against the player who doesn’t want any form of interaction with us. It’s never fun. So I’m now taking an army where half the unit runs round avoiding things and picking up small points here and there whilst the other half has the potential to wreck face/ be wrecked in combat.

Overall I think a much more enjoyable list to play with/ against.

I’d be interested to here your thoughts on what you find more fun to play against?

Let me know in the comments or on twitter at @Neil_T4G

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