Imperial Knight Titan Conversion

Ever since reading the Mechanicum and Titanicus Black Library Novels, I’ve been planning to eventually do an Adeptus Mechanicus army. Part of this idea was to include an Imperial Knight Titan- heavily featured in the Mechanicum book as the defenders of the Forge Worlds. The idea appealed to me enormously- these feudalistic houses creating their individual fighting machines to carry their nobles into battle. What appealed to me even more is that each Knight has its own personality- not just the pilot. The machine itself takes on aspects of the pilots mannerisms and subconscious feelings during the long years of being connected as one being. A pilot who constantly has to reign himself in to stop himself making rash decisions or getting angry may find that his Knight begins to develop other ideas and let those underlying feelings take control!

Unfortunately for me, it’s taken 18months of on and off hobbytime to get this guy finished, just in time for GW to release an utterly spectacular figure of their own. Naturally, if I was to do a full army I’d now want to buy the real thing and convert it slightly. Regardless- I thought it was time to finish my own version and get him on eBay to free up some funds for more Wood Elves! If you’re interested, you can find him on eBay HERE!

 photo ImperialKnightTitan1_zps94c0e176.jpg
 photo ImperialKnightTitan3_zps2092cf0d.jpg
 photo ImperialKnightTitan4_zps6704a525.jpg
 photo ImperialKnightTitan5_zps84599997.jpg

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