Initial thoughts on the new Warriors

I’ve got a total of 5 games in now at 1500 points with the new Warriors book so thought I’d give you my initial thoughts on them.

Daemon Princes

Probably the early stand out choice. They just will not die in combat! So far in two games I’ve ground out a horde of Empire Halbadiers, a horde of Plaguebearers and a horde of Bloodletters and that was with the Plaguebearers in the front and the Bloodletters in the side!

I’m running mine Mark of Nurgle with Soulfeeder, Scaly Skin, the charmed shield and as a Level 1. He’s just brutal! If I change anything it’ll be to drop of the wizard level (so many Nurgle spells are direct damage or magic missile I got to cast 1 spell per game). I’m only really running him as a wizard on the off chance he gets the lore attribute off.


This guy is turning out to be the Daemon Princes best friend. He can block cannons or charge a unit to pin it whilst the rest of the army moves into position. I’m considering dropping the Slaughterbrute for this guy.


I really like this guy but I think he’s a liability at a low point level. He’s to easy to kill, small arms fire took him out one game, and I don’t think he does enough attacks for the money. He was in the list for some combat based character assassination but I think the Chimera or Daemon Prince can do that better.

Warriors of Chaos

Something that’s easy to overlook is that these guys are still hard as nails. They are easily one of the most survivable core units in the game, they keep their points well and can hit back hard.

I know some people are suggesting using only ┬áchariots as core for a true monster mash list but I really think you’d be underestimating these guys.

So overall I’m loving the new book it’s refreshed the Warriors and given me some real hitting power in close combat which is what these guys are all about.

So let me know what your stand out units are. Have I missed some out?


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2 Responses to Initial thoughts on the new Warriors

  1. thedicegod says:

    sigvald has a 1+ plus and regen

    i very much disagree with you aboutthe lore of tzeentch

  2. thedicegod says:

    hey neil, I be taking my warriors to AGOM and i will be the chaos master you will have ot get through me, im taking pure nurgle list, dp, festus, 30 warriors full command banner displine and shields and nurgle, 6 ogres full command greatweapons and full command and 2 x 5 vanguard wolfs

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