S-Foils to Attack Position- Part 1: Jon’s tumble into X-Wing!

I’ve been aware of the X-Wing Miniatures Game for around 12 months now and have avoided it at all costs in an attempt to avoid getting hooked. Unfortunately someone happened to show me the pictures of RodentMastermind’s work and I couldn’t resist any longer.

A friend of mine offered to give me an intro game, which was awesome, after which she said she was going on holiday for two weeks and offered to lend me her whole X-Wing collection while she was away!
10+ games later…. I’m hopelessly addicted!

So far I’ve purchased the Core Set, an extra X-Wing, a TIE: Advanced and a TIE: Defender. I currently have on order an additional Core Set, and also some SSB Arc-170’s and V-Wings which I plan to paint up and use as a Republic “proxy” squadron, counting them as X-Wings and A-Wings! Should be fun.

In the mean time- here are some WIP repaints (again, totally inspired by Rodent Mastermind!)

I’ve also been working on some Asteroids, using Instamould to recast sections of some ships.

Let me know what you think!

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