Jon’s Wood Elves Part 3- Mage on Unicorn

I’ve been busy again with the Wood Elves, this time working on a pretty exciting conversion- a Wood Elf Spellweaver on Unicorn.

I took the Finecast Archaon model, which happens to include the biggest horse in the GW range, “Dorghar”. After some major hacking and filing I managed to remove all the chaosy bits and leave myself with just a big horse!

 photo UnicornWIP1_zpsea4b296d.jpg

 photo UnicornWIP2_zps71d6964f.jpg

 photo UnicornWIP3_zps0f4c443f.jpg

There was some serious rebuilding required with greenstuff and I took the opportunity to add a magnet into the body of the horse so that the rider would be removable (Unicorns can be taken individually in Storm of Magic games).

 photo UnicornWIP4_zpsf5a3ee5f.jpg

 photo Unicorn1_zps7b1074dd.jpg

 photo Unicorn2_zps2635b1d4.jpg

I put quite a lot of effort into getting a glow effect on the base and leaves of the nearby tree- hopefully this has the effect of making the Unicorn itself look magical and ethereal.

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