Khan Tengril Doomfang’s Golden Horde…

“Hans was completely oblivious to what Sophia was saying, all he saw was her mouth moving and eyes rolling. All he could think about was the time they had spent together the night before, and the way the freshly cleaned sheet was blowing and settling against her curvaceous figure whilst she pegged it out to dry in the midday sun. She was probably asking him yet again when he was going to help her father with the cattle, which he always said he would do but always made some sort of excuse. Sophia shuddered suddenly looking down towards her feet, Hans followed her gaze. Pierced through the clean white sheet was the dark metal of an arrow head. She sunk to her knees still looking down at the protruding arrow. Hans stepped forward to grab her and that’s when he heard it, the howl of a wolf, then almost instantly after, a thud directly In front of him, another black fletched arrow was embedded in Sophia’s back. He slowly looked up towards where the arrow had come from. Standing around 50 metres away from where he stood was a creature that he had only read about in a book as a child. It’s slavering jaws with murky yellow teeth, dropped with the deepest red blood. It’s yellow eyes seemed to glow and it’s dark grey fur was matted and covered in mud, blood and sweat. But it was what was on top of this hideous beast that made Hans begin to panic, he felt a drop of sweat run down his forehead and off the tip of his nose. The muted green creature atop this abnormally large wolf wore a selection of ragged furs and rusty mail along with pieces of battered plate on it’s chest and shoulders. Just like the wolf it snarled, but in a kind of a snigger as it pulled out another black fletched arrow from the makeshift quiver on it’s back. Hans spun to his left and sprinted towards the opening of his tent taking a glance to his right to check back on the creature. It loosened, just as Hans got to the flap of the opening to the tent he was knocked off his feet, the arrow striking him in the back of his exposed calf. With excruciating pain he hit the dry grassy ground colliding face first into the opening of the tent. He spun to face the opening as quick as he could reaching for his hand axe, he gripped the finely carved handle of his hand axe and tried to shuffle himself in to the tent. It was too late he saw the shadow of the beast right outside, he felt the teeth grip his ankle piercing the skin on his un-wounded leg, letting go of his axe Hans tried to get a grip of the table leg. He closed his eyes and prayed to the gods as the grip on his ankle tightened. He heard a childish snigger, as the pain increased, then was pulled out of the tent”

The idea…
Well it has been a while. I hope you enjoyed that little bit of fluff, there may be more to come with this army project log, but we shall see. This log will follow me on my progress to starting my new project, a full goblin army, and yes of course there will be theme involved. You may have seen my recent blog post with a test model for a goblin wolf rider, and well that is more or less the theme. I intend to do a whole Goblin Wolf Rider army using a Mongol theme throughout. For inspiration I have listened to Dan Carlin’s Podcast “The Wrath of the Khans”, I highly recommend this, though it gave no visual inspiration the way the Mongols are talked about, you get to know their armies set up and attitudes towards their enemies. I have also watched the film “Mongol” a few times this film is based roughly around the life of Genghis Khan, there isn’t a lot of action scenes and is mostly subtitled, but is really good to get the look and feel of the mongol troops.

The plan…
The plan is to write a list and then build the army to that final list, with maybe a few changes along the way, while trying to keep with the Mongol theme, with using primarily wolf riders. The final army will be roughly based on a 2500pt list in which a can use parts in smaller forces.

What I’ve done/doing so far…
Right as this is a pretty big project, I will be taking it slow, but I have made a start, I picked up the Sarissa movement trays for the army and a wad of cork in which to make my bases. I’ve also been picking up bits of the army on eBay to keep things a little cheaper.

Right so here is what I have actually got done so far:

 photo image_zpsfbd09596.jpg

 photo image_zps3a54bbda.jpg

There is still a lot to do obviously, mainly buying models ;)!

Here are the only two “finished” bits of the army, the rock lobbas, they still need some green stuff work, but are now usable. I also would like to add some bits, like a captured Empire/Cathayan engineer to keep historical, but it’s a case of finding the right miniature.

 photo image_zps6940bea9.jpg

 photo image_zps5fd6adc6.jpg

 photo image_zps7ed06788.jpg

 photo image_zps367328c6.jpg

Whats next…
Well I’ve recently made an order with Element games for the next section of the army, some wolves and some parts for characters, so in my next post expect to see some hero models, and more wolves stuck to cork ;)!

Thank you for reading guys.

All questions and critique are more than welcome.

Andy – @Praetoriian

(I will be putting WIP updates on my twitter as I go, so if your interested give me a follow).

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