Khemri Scenery

The plan is to make a couple of the tables at The Den desert themed, so we can have a range of Khemri and Southlands Lizardmen themed scenery to use on the two tables.

The first few bits of Khemri scenery are now finished, and are just waiting for the board itself to be painted up!
I went for a very light whiteish sand colour, rather than a cartoony golden sand, to be more realistic. Once the pieces are on the finished table I think the overall effect will be great.

The temple and sphinx are originally a fish tank ornaments, with the addition of some extra Tomb King bits. The ruined arches and pillars are scratch built from 1 inch wooden dowel and some 6mm plastic sheet I had lying around.
Pretty happy with this, but keen to get them on a matching board to see the final effect!

I’ll make sure I post some better photos of the full table once complete!








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