Listener Feature- Thornshield’s Regiment of Renown

We recieved an email today from Ming (aka Thornshield from TWF) to give us a sneak peek of his fantastic Bretonnian Questing Regiment of Renown! Truly stunning work and some fantastic character in the warband.

Make sure you check out the Dragonhelm under the army of one Knight, and the appearance of some of the best old Bret models like Gui Le Gros and the jester!

Hey guys,

It’s Thornshield from TWF, thought I’d drop you guys a teaser of my retinue, pardon the blurry picture quality! Hoping to get some clearer pics in better lighting at the tourney.

How many of you are showing up? I’ve coming with two other mates, one of which is my miniature mentor/idol/muse, haha.

I’m blown away by the Death’s Heads, truly menacing warband and look forward to taking them on!

Those smurfgobbos are also great to look at! Very characterful =)




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