Ming’s Introduction!

Hello all, it’s Ming here! For those who’ve not met me around the tourney/twitter scene, this first post is to bore you with my history of the hobby.

I started by stumbling into a local GW (5 minutes from my flat – GW Angel which is now in heaven, RIP) just after 8th ed hit stores. I’ve always known about Warhammer from young but a variety of reasons (such as living in a country where the exchange rate meant I had to live off cup noodles for a year to buy a box) stopped me from starting. Finally, as a working adult, I began my downward spiral into madness.

My first army, and undoubtedly my favourite, was the painting nightmare known to mankind as the Brets. Having never picked up a mini before, I had originally thought I’d be basecoating and dipping, only to be sharply rebuked by the manager that I should give proper painting a try first.

So glad I did! While the first few minis weren’t great, I was hooked! I scoured the net for tutorials, devouring paint schemes and new techniques like a fat kid in a candy store.


Due to my slowness at painting, I never really had a fully painted army till this year and played casually in my local store. But when I finally painted enough…I knew I had to break into the tourney scene, taking with me my Verdant Guard (which I promise will be part of a blog series in the future). At this point, I wasn’t sure whether my painting was good enough but knew it’d be a laugh.

I started with the greatest “not-a-tournament” in January, which was the After the Storm campaign weekend, in which I was honoured to take home the Best Painted prize! Again, hooked.


Since then, I’ve been to a number of tourneys this same year, picking up a few nominations and recently another big win at MKGT. And this has seen me unexpectedly shoot up the Painting Rankings (yes, it’s a real thing!) which is a fun, silly system to encourage great painters to turn up at more tourneys. There’s even going to be a Painting Masters event at the start of next year, with invites to the top 15!

On that note, my next article would be related to said Rankings. It’s also a guide to help everyone create a stunning army, based on my own experiences and lessons learnt from my own army. Initially called it “How to NOT win Best Painted” though people immediately said, take a crap looking army. Hmm.

Anyway, till the next time, take care!


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