Neil- 2000 point Mini Tournament Writeup

Every so often out local wargamming club Leeds Night Owls organisies a mini tournament and has extended opening to fit in three games.

We did this again last Sunday, kindly organised by James. So I rocked up Sunday morning with my slightly dodgy (more on this later) Warriors of Chaos list. We had eight people show up, which was slightly disappointing as twelve had confirmed, but it was plenty to get three decent games in.

My first game was against Dean and his all Goblin list. Dean has his own blog which is well worth checking out, especially if you’re into Wargamming as a whole.

His list consisted of 97 Night goblins in one unit, 4 smaller units of archers, 3 units of fast cav, 3 warmachines and a Mangler. We played Meeting Engagement, I got to deploy first and half my army decided not to show up!

I began the game with a unit of knights, a warshrine and my general on the board. All of deans army apart from 5 Spider Riders turned up and then he rolled a six to take the first turn. It all went down hill from there really.

Turn 1 saw a Doom Diver hit the knight unit, kill 4 and panic them off the board. This meant my turn 1 I was down 450 points and my BSB had nowhere to go. I tried to make a game of it but Dean is a very good player and had enough chaff that I couldn’t take any real points off him

Result a comfortable win to Dean.

Game 2 was against Darren and his Skaven. Now I used to play Skaven and I love their fluff but as a Warriors player I hate them! Scenario was Watchtower, Darren got the Watchtower but didn’t place any units in it which meant i could conga into it first turn. Yes I know it’s a filthy move but we were playing an uncomped tournie.

This game can be summarised as follows. I managed to keep the Watchtower through a combination of luck, skill and poor magic phases for Darren. The game ended turn 4 I had the watch tower so won the game but lost on VP’s.

Game 3 was against Dan’s amazingly painted Greek Daemons.

By this point my brain had gone to mush and I had a headache, am I the only one who finds three games of Warhammer so mentally taxing. We played Battle Line and as neither of us had any chance of winning set up for a proper slug fest.

The highlight of this game was my Chaos Lord taking on a Keeper of Secrets in single combat. Suffice to say he lost but I also discovered something a little worrying. Turns out my list was actually illegal. I’d used the points cost for the Enchanted Shield on my General from the BRB rather than the WoC Armybook.

Now this is something that I think most people have forgotten about but if an item in the main rulebook is listed in your armybook you use the price there. Unfortunately I had completely forgotten about it until Dan pointed it out to me and worse than that the Enchanted Shield has been in every WoC list I’ve ever written. Anyway you live and learn.

So how did this game go? Well I once again got smashed to round up the tournament as second from last.

The full results were:

1st Daz (Empire) 9pts (5430 Vps)
2nd JamesĀ  (O&G) 6 pts (1025 Vps)
3rd Dan (Daemons) 6 pts (906Vps)
4th Rob (Empire) 6 pts (-1501 Vps)
5th Darren (Skaven) 3 pts (1161 Vps)
6th Dean (Goblins) 3pts (882 Vps)
7th Neil (WOC) 3pts (-3314 Vps)
8th Jason (Vampires) 0pts (-4589 Vps)

I has a really enjoyable day as always at these events and would like to thank everyone I played against.

So it’s time to go lick my wounds and rethink my list. I’m tempted to try out a MSU style list next time.

Photo’s courtesy of Alan

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