Neil- Warriors of Chaos Showcase: Chaos Warshrine

Hi guys.

I thought I’d kick of with a look at my main Warhammer Fantasy army, namely Warriors of Chaos.

My plan is to go through every unit and give a brief overview of how they’ve been painted and how I use them in game. First up, I’m going to show you the model that gets the most attention whenever I’m playing a game; my Chaos Warshrine.



Now for those of you struggling to place the model let me put you out of your misery. You’re looking at a Grenadier Undead War Mammoth circa 1984, topped with the Changeling and a couple of converted flaming torches.

I love this model, it really gives the army as a whole some much needed character.

This thing’s solid lead and was a beast to put together. In the end I had to resort to using Green Stuff as an epoxy glue to get the thing to hold. I had to pin each leg to the base and use more Green Stuff to anchor each pin. He’s painted very simply, Gryphone Sepia wash over a white undercoat and basecoat plus Devlan Mud for all the other areas, but I think you’ll agree he looks great.

On the table the Warshrine is a strange beast. He’s the worst monster in the game since having no fear, thunderstomp, or stubborn means despite a 4+ Armour and Ward save he loses combat very easily. But that’s not why you take him.

He’s the worst monster but I think he’s the best buffing model there is. His ability to bless a unit is what makes you take him, and if you’re playing competitively probably a friend. Nothing strikes fear into your enemies hearts like a unit of Chaos Knights that has just got themselves a 4+ Ward and Stubborn. I play a Mark of Tzeentch army so I’ve seen that 3+ ward unit eat an entire army by itself.

The other thing of note about the Warshrine is there’s no official Games Workshop model. And that means every Warrior of Chaos army you play will look different, which is how it should be.

The Rumor Mongers say that Warriors will be the next Army book out and I’m sure that with it will come a gorgeous new plastic kit for the Warshrine. It’ll be a shame in some ways as we’ll lose some of our creativity and just glue together a kit.

I think even with a plastic kit I’ll still be using my Warshrine in all my games.

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