Neils Trollbloods

After years of finding excuses why not to I finally gave in and had an intro of Warmachine. Turns out it’s actually quite a fun game. Fun enough in fact that when Daz decided to run an escalation campaign at the club I agreed to join in.

After looking at all the factions I decide the ones I liked the look of the most were the Trollbloods. So off I went into Leeds one day and I came back with 15 points worth of them. That’s a boxset and a Swamp Troll if you were wondering. I Decided from the outset that I wanted to do two things with these models: Paint them to the best of my abilities to stretch myself as a painter and paint them something else other than that god awful blue colour scheme that Privateer Press thinks suits the models.

With this in mind I went for flesh coloured Trollbloods and this is what I came up with.


So there you go. I’d love to know what you think of the colour scheme?

Next up for these guys is a Dire Troll.



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