Painting to Improve

It’s Neil here again.

In my last post I talked about the concept of painting to improve and started to look at my painting over the years. Now I’m going to continue my look back at painting with the year of 2013. That was the year I:

Tried out mental basing!

I started the year with an idea I’d had for a while. An army on floating bases. It’ll look great I thought. Unique, no one will have seen anything like it before.


I think it worked but in my fugue for something new and unique I didn’t take into account some quite simple basics. I’d created something almost impossible to transport or play with and spent way too much time on it.

Now I will go back to the lizards at some point. If nothing else then as an exercise in painting bright colours. But it won’t be for a while and it won’t be with those bases.

Started a Pre Heresy Army

Everyone loves a bit of Forgeworld right? I decided/ succumbed to peer pressure and started a 30k army. A great chance to practice my painting on a small model count army.

I began with a “classical” paint job.


But I wasn’t really happy with it, or my basing. The project kinda stalled until Jon and Dan went to the Forgeworld open day and talked to one of their staff about how they did their metallics. Turns out a combination of glazes and washes are amazing.


The more astute amongst you will have noticed that these aren’t Forgeworld. But the Dark Vengence models have been great for testing and refining the technique. I’m still not sure about basing though.

Speed painted an army in a week.

I realised that I hadn’t really got much to show for my messing around with a paint brush and decided rather randomly one night to paint some Dwarfs.

A week later I had an army done.


I’m still not entirely sure how or why I did it. It was a definite lesson in speed painting though and it led me to realise I really like painting Dwarfs.

Experimented with painting “properly”

I think it was Daz who had the idea for a slow grow Warmachine campaign and persuaded me to join in. So in the summer I sat down and painted some Trollbloods. But with these guys I did something a little different. Each one was an excercise in how well can I paint.


I think it was the combination of being larger models and not GW that made it such a nice experience. Of all the models I’ve ever painted I think I’m the most proud of the Trollbloods.

Painted up a Regiment of Renown

It looked like a fun event when it went up at Warhammer World and it was an excuse to go to my spiritual home for the day. I decided to go for quirky.



If you ever get the opportunity I can highly record RoR as a fun way to spend a day gaming.

Well that’s pretty much it for the year. I think you can see some definite improvements. Some trying of new techniques and maybe even a spark of creativity in there.

So what’s next for me painting wise?

Well at the moment I’m experimenting with some colour schemes for a Necron army and I’ve got plans to go back to the Dwarfs.

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