Pre Heresy Nightlords take shape

As some of you may know a clubmate of ours has had the crazy idea of fielding all 18 Pre Heresy legions at one tournament and we’ve all been daft enough to join in.

I chose to do the Nightlords legion as I was already planning a Chaos Space Marine army based around them. As such my plan is to have all the infantry models for my CSM army be Pre Heresy models and then add the new GW Dinobots in as I use them. Fluff wise I figure my Nightlords have been in the warp for 10,000 plus years and are still wearing their original armour.

I decided to go for the MK3 power armour as its the most brutal looking, after all the Nightlords are all about fear. I also went for the Phobos pattern bolter for the same reason.

So here’s the first batch of 5 I assembled and painted up.

I think I got the colour scheme nailed down. The only problem is the bases let them down somewhat. So I broke out the cork and the Vallejo pumice and assemble the next 5 like this.

I’m much happier with the basing. Also you can see I’ve kit bashed two of the models to give me a champion with power fist and a marine with a plasma pistol. So the next step is to get these guys painted up and rebase the other ones.

After that I’ve got a Havoc squad to assemble using the Forge World Heavy Weapon models. After that I need to have a think about what other models I want in my army.




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