Regiments of Renown- Death’s Heads

I’ve been working on this set of models on and off during the past few weeks. It’s been a great distraction during my breaks from revising for exams to just be able to sit down for a little bit of sculpting or painting here and there without the pressures of a whole army to do!

The models are for the upcoming Regiment of Renown event at Warhammer World. Neil and I have recorded a short bonus episode talking about the event which should be up in the next couple of days, but in the mean time I thought I’d show off what I’ve been painting in anticipation of the tournament!

The idea behind the warband came from the Heraldry of the Empire book, and a short section detailing the “Death’s Heads of Ostermark” regiment. This regiment are a group of anti-undead vigilantes who banded together during the Vampire Wars to kick the undead out of Ostermark and take the fight to Sylvania. Pretty cool stuff.

 photo RoR7_zps14ed4164.jpg
 photo RoR1_zps9a5445c8.jpg

I knew I wanted to mount my regiment on a big display stand to make them stand out at the event, and I fancied trying to use a real log as a base. I then had the idea of attaching a printout of the exceprt from the “Heraldry of the Empire” book to the front to make it obvious who they were, and Dan Quirk suggested I find a method of transferring the image directly onto the wood! photo RoR2_zpsa65d6f0a.jpg

The halberdier models are based on Forge World’s Mannan’s Blades miniatures, which are incredibly detailed and better posed than the standard State Troops. I added masks cut from necron heads, as well as pistolier heads to make sure I had cool helmets and feathers etc. In order to get the crossbowmen to match the Mannan’s Blades I had to sculpt in the puff and slash leggings, although I was really pleased with the result!

 photo RoR3_zps620fcd76.jpg

When I was writing the list it became pretty clear that a regiment made up of just halberdiers (true to the Death’s Heads fluff) would be a bit boring, so I also decided to make a Knight of Morr (fitting with the anti-undead theme) and a Knight of the Blazing Sun on foot (using greatsword rules, and inspired by the artwork from Warhammer Online) just as an excuse to convert some cool models!

 photo RoR4_zps1d8528c5.jpg

 photo RoR5_zpsec6e6f1d.jpg

The transfer on the front of the display base worked great, and essentially consisted of a laserjet printed image, coated in Artist’s Gel Medium, and glue to the front. Once that was dry, the paper was soaked and then rubbed off using a finger to remove the paper fibres but leave the ink behind on the wood.

 photo RoR6_zps2ac981ae.jpg

I found a leftover statue of Morr from my bits box which fit the theme perfectly and finished off the display base.

 photo RoR65_zps3dcc1e96.jpg

The banner was copied from the Heraldry of the Empire page to make it true to the fluff of the regiment. I added a few extra touches such as some highlights and gradients to make it less old-school and more realistic, and thanks to some suggestions from @vidpui on Twitter I also weathered the banner to reinforce the grizzled, veteran nature of the regiment.

 photo RoR66_zpsb328147e.jpg

 photo RoR7_zps14ed4164.jpg

 photo RoR8_zps9b00b847.jpg

 photo RoR9_zpseec35cdf.jpg
 photo RoR10_zps7b3fc0a0.jpg

 photo RoR11_zps75a6864e.jpg

Overall I’m really pleased with how it all came out! The paintjobs were slightly rushed (as I need to get back to the revision!) but overall I think they look good. Finger’s crossed they are good enough for an award on the day.

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3 Responses to Regiments of Renown- Death’s Heads

  1. EB says:

    Beautiful work Jon – I just wondered, how did you make the knight?

    • Jon Kerr says:

      Thanks Elliot.
      The Knight is a Demigryph Knight rider (chosen as he has much more intricately detailed armour than the standard Empire Knights.) mounted on a Chaos Steed, with all the Chaosy bits removed.

      I then sculpted all the additional details like the raven and hourglass on the barding, and added the feathers to the horse and wings to the Knights helmet.

      Hope the helps!


  2. Vincent31293 says:

    I am currently making a unit of 30 Greatswords with the Death Head’s theme. I was curious how you put the necron heads on the crossbowmen’s face? Did you sand the necron heads down and trim the actually face off the model?

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