Richard’s Conquistador themed Empire army Part 1

Hi all, this is my first army blog entry on the Tale of Four Geeks so I think it would be a good opportunity to go over the initial ideas for the army and why I chose the theme based around Estalia.

I originally started the army way back in 2007, but the army was never completed due to me taking a long hobby break. I decided to pick up a paint brush and started painting Estalians again in late 2013, since then I have been able to finish enough models to field a full 3000 point army using the Empire army book.

I have always tried to paint unique armies with a theme which would be rarely seen on the UK tournament scene. My painting style has always been a crisp finish, with lots of blending but also trying to keep a natural/realistic look throughout the army. When I was looking for inspiration for a new army back in 2007 I was flicking through my old copies of White Dwarf and I came across a superb diorama done by Mike McVey. It was based around an Estalian force trying to rescue one of their own being sacrificed by Lizardmen. As soon as I saw the Handgunner models in the diorama I knew that this would be a perfect army project.

Mike McVey Lustria Diorama

Luckily, I already had several of the Handgunners and Swordsmen stashed away in my bits box so I was able to get the first test models done fairly quickly. I decided to follow the colour scheme which Mike used, but I kept all the models in black iron armour. So that was the start of spending many hours trawling the net to source more models for the army.

Below is the initial test model painted.

Finished unit of 10 Handgunners

Keep an eye open for the next blog entry as a horde of Halberdiers will be making an entry.


Arde Estalia

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