Richard’s Conquistador themed Empire army Part 2

Hi, and welcome back to my Conquistador themed Empire army.

When I was planning the army I wanted to make sure that I included a large block of infantry to use as the back bone to the army. In the first incarnation of the army back in 7th edition, swordsmen was the best option to go for providing ws4 and an additional 1+ save in combat. However, in 8th edition I feel that Halberdiers will be the new star performers in this role. What this meant for the army was adding a horde block of 40 plus Halberdiers.

In keeping with the Conquistador theme I decided to convert the Halberdier unit from Dogs of War: Pirazzo’s Lost Legion. This would provide me a unit that looks similar to the other models in the army and the ability to take part in Games Workshop tournaments.  The conversions themselves are really simple, but due to the numbers needed it was a time consuming process. The pikes were roughly cut at ¾ of the overall length, and then I glued halberd weapon tops from the 6th and 8th edition empire soldiers sets on the tops.

To add a bit of variety and colour to the models in the unit I added a unit filler which consisted of a long out of production Citadel cleric, and a converted bodyguard. The conversion for the bodyguard was based on another Dogs of War model, but this time I used the standard bearer from the Braganza’s Besiegers set.

 I am really pleased with how the unit has turned out, hopefully they will perform well on the table for me.


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  1. Alex says:

    Hey Richard, how do you paint black? The models look incredibly crisp!!!

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