Richard’s Conquistador themed Empire army Part 4


Welcome back to my Estalian blog. Over the last few blog entries I have gone through a few units in my army, but I have not touched upon the characters which lead the army. There are many different manufacturers which produce excellent 28mm human character models. A company called Gamezone produce some excellent models which would perfectly match the theme of the army. I have decided to use a mix of Gamezone, current Games Workshop, and long out of production models from Games Workshop.

First up is the original GW Marco Columbo model, I use this model as a jack of all trades as he often stands in as a LVL4 wizard or an Engineer. When painting the model I tried to follow the the same colour scheme as I used on handgunners, namely lots of whites, reds, and yellows.


Up next is the very important Battle Standard Bearer, the model is made from a Gamezone standard bearer and a slight conversion on the banner with a GW banner.

The Arch Lector (Ship’s Captain) is up next, for this model I used the GW Merchant model.


And finally we have the latest addition to the army in the form of a Mordheim Witch Hunter.


Coming up in the next blog will be the Arch Lector’s ride.




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