Richard’s Conquistador themed Empire army Part 5

Hi all and welcome back to my Empire blog.

The last entry looked at the characters who will lead my army, I briefly talked about the Arch Lectors ride (War Alter). Well this week’s entry will take a more in-depth look into this.

When I was looking for suitable models to use as a War Alter, I was left rather disappointed with the current and previous Games Workshop offerings. I did consider converting a suitable model, but with my lack of converting skills I felt that the model would look poor. After many hours searching online I decided to take a look on the Forgeworld website. I found the perfect model to fit the theme of the army, namely the Marienburg Class Landship. The model was to be used as a variant of the ships used to transport the army from the Old World to Lustria.

Below are pictures of the finished model.

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