S-Foils to Attack Position- Part 2- The Republic Fleet

A quick update with what I’ve been up to!

I have plans to paint up a Republic Clone Fighter Squadron using alternate minis, simply using the Rebel cards for the rules etc.

I managed to pick up these alternate Arc-170s to count as X-Wings proxys, and V-Wings to count as A-Wing proxys.

I’ve also been working on my transportation method. This is simply a sheet of galvanised steel in the bottom of a stackable storage box. The compartment tray has magnets set into it, so it can be lifted out and placed on the table for easy access to tokens during games.

I also picked up a Revell Venator-class Star Destroyer on eBay. The plan is to paint it as a brusied and battered old battleship from the Clone Wars. That way I can use it in a few ways:
-as a wreckage for terrain to make the table look pretty
-as an objective, as if the Rebels were trying to activate an old abandoned battleship to serve in the War. I plan to have an insert for the base which has specific ship component areas (eg/ engines, bridge, bow, sheild generator, etc) so I can create missions to destroy each section of the ship.
-as an actual ship in massive games, with custom rules, to run alongside my Republic clone fighter squadron!

All it took was to knock up a quick base from brass rod and thick plasticard!

Let me know what you think :)

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