S-Foils to Attack Position- Part 4- Element Games Tournament! @ElementGames_

Hi guys,

Last Friday I made the trip down to Stockport’s North West Gaming Centre, home of Element Games. Element were running their inaugural X-Wing tournament, “It’s a Trap!”.

Unfortunately in my extreme excitement I forgot to take any photos during the event, but needless to say I had three fantastic games, and managed to win 2nd Place overall!

I also managed to win the “Best Painted Squad” award, which came down to a close decision between my squad and a beautifully painted Royal Guard themed Interceptor Squad.

The event went extremely smoothly, with some great little awards and freebies, and Element Games are planning to make these events a monthly occurrence. I’ll certainly be there for every one I can make, so hopefully see you there sometime in the future! Tickets are already available for their next event on the evening of¬†Friday 29th August, http://elementgames.co.uk/event-tickets/its-a-trap-x-wing-tournament-from-element-games

Here’s all the swag I managed to come home with! Event exclusive Academy TIE and Biggs cards, FFG acrylic bomb tokens, limited edition card box,¬†Slave I and a Z-95 Headhunter! I was a rather happy boy in the car home.


Here’s some photos of my finished squad for the event:

Squad (1)

Squad (2)

Squad (3)

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