S-Foils to Attack Position- Part 3- Flying Stands

Another quick update…

In the last couple of days I finished the first of my modified flight stands. I decided that I wanted to use brass rod for my stands- it’s thinner, and less noticeable, I have more control over the length, and its stronger. I also don’t have to worry about losing the pegs etc.

The mod was pretty simple. I filled the original hole in the base with greenstuff, and made sure I trimmed away any excess so that the number tokens still fitted into the slots. Once it was fully cured, I could drill a hole and add my brass rod.

The mechanis, for attaching the ships is very simple. The rod itself is 2mm brass rod. Over the top I slipped a small sleeve cut from 3mm brass tube. This fits perfectly over the 2mm rod, and allows a 2mm rare earth (neodymium) magnet to be set into the top. Under the ship itself I glued another magnet. Finally, a small pin was added to the back of each stand, and a slightly larger (than the pin) hole was drilled behind the magnet in each ship. This pin prevents the ship spinning on the magnet and facing the wrong way on it’s base!

As you can see, once they are all sprayed black (and the edges of the ship tokens have been coloured black with a Sharpie) they look pretty slick- I’m extremely happy with the results.

What do you think?

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