S-Foils to Attack Position- Part 5- Boba Fett!

I wasted no time in getting paint onto Fett as fast as possible. Like many people he’s my favourite character from Star Wars- despite being pretty damn incompetent when it comes to fighting blind people, he’s still an absolute badass.

I did as much research as I could into colour schemes for the Slave I during the Rebellion Era- unfortunately the FFG artwork is pretty small and dark so it’s hard to get a good idea of colours from that. Hopefully I got it pretty close, I’m interested to know your thoughts!

I used a pretty specialist weathering technique on the model, where you airbrush the model with a base colour (in the case of the red areas, the basecoat was cream), seal with matt varnish, coat with hairspray (yes, hairspray!), airbrush with the top colour (in the case of the red areas, red!), then using a damp toothbrush you can scrub away the layer of hairspray to provide the really cool weathering effect and bring the cream out from underneath. The way the hairpray dissolves creates the kind of “chipped” appearance which is exactly what you want. The final stage is to seal with matt varnish again.

Fett (1)

Fett (2)

Fett (3)

Fett (4)

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