S-Foils to Attack Positions- Part 6- Rebels!

My Rebels have been feeling severely left out lately, and as such I thought I’d better get some paint on a couple of them too.

First up is an Arc-170. As I’ve said previously I’m hoping to use these as X-Wing proxies, using all the official cards, dials and bases. Obviously it really depends on whether the UK independent scene allows such things- currently the official FFG rules forbid it (and rightly so!).
They may unfortunately be relegated to casual play :(

Arc-170 (1)

Arc-170 (2)

I also did some work on the first of my X-Wings. It came out quite pale, but I based the colour scheme on pictures from the movies and FFG artwork so it is pretty close to accurate. Perhaps it only looks so pale standing next to the original FFG paintjob. Interested to hear thoughts?!


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