Skype game over the atlantic!

I’ve been watching battle reports from a guy called Malorian based in Alberta, Canada for around a year and after a few discussions on Warseer we decided to arrange a long distance game using skype.

If you aren’t familiar with his channel, ‘The Orc Tactical Team’, I highly recommend you take a look as he does battle reports and tactical videos. So without any further waffle, here is the battle report done by Malorian of our skype game!

I choose a list using one of his armies and he set the entire battlefield up at his end with a webcam so I can see everything as it is happening. I then gave him my instructions for units and he does all the dice rolling at his end. Overall I thought it worked really well and we had a lot of fun!

I hope you guys enjoy the report and please remember to leave us some feedback on Twitter @TaleOfFourGeeks or via email at

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