Skype game across the Atlantic- Rematch

This week I had a rematch of the skype game I played last month, only this time it was some stubborn Dwarves in the way of my Greenskins!
This time I wasn’t pulling any punches, and decided to include Grimgor Ironhide himself in a massive unit of his personal Black Orc bodyguard, “Da Immortulz”! I reckoned that even against the massive weight of firepower from the Dwarf gunline, as long as Grimgor and a few of his mates made it to the Dwarf lines they would be enough to chop a huge hole in Malorian’s army!

Once again this Battle Report was made by Malorian on his YouTube channel, the Orc Tactical Team.

Be sure to check out his other battle reports and tactic videos here:

Small Print: Since James has the linguistic skills of a chimp, his two scentence blog post was re-written by Jon. Please don’t judge James based on Jon’s cheesy and completely untrue tactical commentary in this post!

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