Regiments of Renown- Smurftkil’s Pig Stikkas

Hopefully by now you’ll have all listened to Episode 10 (and if not why not?) where Jon and I discussed the Regiment of Renown tournament at Warhammer World, the rules and our planned Warbands. So here’s my offering for the event Smuftkil’s Pig Stikkas (a name especially for Jon).

As you can see I’ve gone for something a little different with the paint scheme. I’ve been toying with the idea of a blue skinned Night Goblin army for a long time. There’s something about the models that allow you to go with alternative schemes. Fluff wise I figure these guys live above ground in the snowy northern chaos waste. As such they’ve gradually evolved a skin colour that stands out less over the years.

The focal point for the army is the chariot, a grusome machine at 100 point level games.

It’s also one of my Dogs of War having the Steel Lined Cloak upgrade to raise its amour save to 4+.

Next up my leader Smurftkil

I’ve gone down the route of making this guy as unkillable as a Night Goblin can be, he can often be found giving orders from the back and staying out of the fight!

And finally my third Dog of War

Armed with the Last Chance ammo I’ll be interested to see how many kills he gets over the day.

So what do you guys think to the theme and the Warband?

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