T4G Crazy Painting Challenge

As some of you may have heard, Dan Quirk, a clubmate of ours, is running a 2400pts fantasy tournament on the 6th/7th of July called ‘Out of the Box’.

Myself, Daz and Neil were chatting about the event and wondered if we could paint a completely new army for it within the 6 weeks.

Probably foolishly we have agreed to take up this challenge and will be keeping the blog updated with our progress. At the end of the 6 weeks we will be asking you guys to vote on your favourite of the 3 armies and the other 2 will have to buy the winner a prize.

I’ll be working on a new Dark Elf army, and we’ll all be posting regular updates on the blog so keep an eye out for more info!

The ‘Out of the Box’ event will be held at the Northwest Gaming Centre in Stockport, and is a ‘no comp’ event. You can find all the details and sign up here: http://warhammer.org.uk/phpBB/viewtopic.ph


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