T4G Painting Tips 2- Simple Highlighting

Welcome to the second installment of the Goblin Shaman painting videos.

T4G Painting Tips 2- Simple Highlighting

This vidcast shows how you can take your painting to the next level after using washes. In first video, each area of the model was basecoated and the whole model was washed using Devlan Mud/Aggrax Earthshade. This video moves on from that starting point and demonstrates how to apply some simple highlights to a model to really make it stand out on the tabletop.

Check out the last installment of the Goblin Shaman series, basic Weathering Powders, to see how you can finish off your mini!

Welcome to the first vidcast from the Tale of Four Geeks!
This video is part of a series following the painting of a Goblin Shaman using some great basic techniques, starting with washes/shades.

The model was painting using Vallejo Game Colour paints, then washed using Citadel Devlan Mud (now called Aggrax Earthshade) to demonstrate how to shade your models with the use of washes.

Don’t forget to check out the next videos in the series as they get more advanced on simple highlighting and use of weathering powders!

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